Blacklist employer error – Mortgage loans

Pierre and Aline run into financial problems due to irregularities in the payment of wages. Because of that mistake of the employer they are blacklisted. Nobody seems to want to help them … What can they do now? Employer no longer regularly pays wages.

Pierre and Aline both work with an employment contract of indefinite duration. They lead a carefree life and can repay their home loans and loans correctly. Until Pierre’s employer no longer starts paying the wages regularly.

First with a few days’ delay, then with a few weeks or even longer. The company has run into problems and is going down. Pierre becomes unemployed for a few months. Fortunately, a transferee is found and Pierre can work again at the same firm.

Blacklisted with mortgage credit and loans

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Because of this loss of income, Pierre and Aline are blacklisted with their mortgage credit and their other loans.

The backlog is increasing. The bank that issued their mortgage loan starts an execution procedure. A public sale of their house is in danger of coming.

Pierre and Aline fear preserving their house and are left wondering how they can still save their house.

“How can we save our house?”

Pierre and Aline own a property that they bought in 1994. They have always maintained their home nicely and have made improvements over the years. Today their house is worth a multiple of the purchase price and their home is estimated at € 300,000. Due to the backlog of mortgage credit, they risk losing their life’s work.

Their house banker indicates that they can no longer do anything for them. Other banks cannot offer a solution either. They are blacklisted! Even if it’s the fault of the employer.

Via the internet they end up with a mortgage broker. To their surprise, they want to listen to their story.

Credit broker in mortgage credit only who listens

Credit broker in mortgage credit only who listens

They make an appointment with this credit broker and explain how they ended up on the blacklist due to an error made by the employer. It is the first time that they are really being listened to. The credit broker can reassure them.

There is hope. He collects all data and makes some simulations. The only way to save their house from a public sale is to regroup the home loan with the other loans. The solution for open notifications on a mortgage loan is Good Finance.

Pierre and Aline have taken out their new home loan and have peace of mind again.

Are you a homeowner and are you blacklisted? Then make an appointment with a credit broker in mortgage credit. Perhaps a solution is also possible for you. Request the details of a credit broker in your area.