13 South African creators making a difference get a nod to the #YouTubeBlack Fund Class of 2022

Fund Category #YouTubeBlack 2022

  • YouTube has announced its list of 26 African YouTube creators who are making a difference.
  • 13 South African creators from 11 channels made the list, all covering different niches on their channels, from finance, science and lifestyle to health.
  • The #YouTubeBlack Fund Class 2022 is a global cohort of 135 Black creators who will receive platform development support.
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The class is in session with 13 South African creators making the list of 26 African creators admitted to the #YouTube Black Fund Class 2022.

In its second year, the #YouTubeBlack Fund Class announced its 2022 African Class on Thursday, January 27.

The African cohort is a class of 26 creators from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. African creators are part of the global cohort of 135 creators from around the world.

Of the 26, 13 South African designers made the grade. In its second year, applicants who identify as Black and are YouTube content creators from listed participating countries are encouraged to apply for the fund each year.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, all of these creators, according to the statement released by YouTube, have one common thread, a desire to give back to their communities with their content.

Relevant and insightful content are just two ways to describe South African creators. These beneficiaries will participate in a development program that will give them access to networking and training programs, and finally to seed funding to help develop their respective channels.

“This group of creators create content that starts important conversations about the issues we face in society that really resonate with their audience. We are inspired by them and hope the skills they learn from being part of this program will help them touch more lives than they ever imagined,” says Alex Okosi, MD, Emerging Markets, YouTube EMEA.

Gugulethu Nyatsumba, a rising sensation on YouTube known for his empowering content, is commonly referred to as “Sis’GU”. Nyatsumba tells Business Insider AG that black creators are overlooked and that an opportunity like the fund is important. “Amplifying black voices means amplifying our stories, our culture and celebrating blackness,” she said.

YouTubeBlack, content creators,

Gugulethu Nyatsumba (Provided)

Honored by the selection made by the platform, the designer confided at the start of her career that she did not want people to feel alone. By sharing her life, she was able to attract people who felt they shared the same experiences. ‘Sis’GU’ plans, with the help of the fund, to introduce new segments, practicing consistency and improving their art.

It’s the #YouTubeBlack Fund Class 2022 – South Africa

Listed in alphabetical order.

Creators: Bongani, Dennis Ngango and Nomathamsanqa Plaatjie

The subscribers: 153,000

Since 2019 Defining celebrates the complexities and joys of life through meaningful conversation. Providing high-quality videos, this channel is known for its #DefiningLove uploads where couples from all walks of life sit down and unpack various love topics. Other downloads are DefiningFriendship’ DefiningMeets, DefiningConversations and more.

Creator: Aarif Muhammad Manjra

The subscribers: 7.17K

Manjra is an online gamer who virtually interacts with other gamers and streams games on YouTube. Often compete with players with cash prizes on offer. Gambling has become an increasingly lucrative source of income, especially for online gamblers. Players can creatively come together, combine and share their passions. Manjra uses YouTube as an alternative way to connect and consume games.

Creator: michelle lima

The subscribers: 6.63K

An entrepreneur for six years, Lima offers holistic means of brand building, financial security and literacy, entrepreneurial skills and personal development. “Over four years ago I started a YouTube channel and the goal was to share my thoughts on how people can find jobs, earn money and create a community where we can all grow. “, explains the caption of the expert on a recent Instagram post.

Creator: Mlungisi Nkosi

The subscribers: 24.4,000

This extraordinary professor, as he calls himself, teaches math and science lessons on his channel. In a video where the creator shares his excitement about joining the fund, he says he’s excited to demystify the difficulty behind the world of science and math.

Creator: Nompumelelo Ledwaba

The subscribers: 214,000

Ledwaba’s journey on the platform began in 2016, now six years later the channel has over 17 million views. Her channel focuses on faith, relationships, and lifestyle. Her channel offers daily vlogs giving viewers a slice of life as a millennial mother and wife. She too, along with her husband, hosts a podcast, Our Love Journey, published on her channel and on Spotify, as featured in popular South African Youtube content creators from Business Insider SA.

Creator: Nico Nomyayi

The subscribers: 7.12K

“Being recognized at this level is huge,” says the creator in a recent video. Currently based in Asia, the content tells its viewers about the difficulties of being based in Asia since the fund targets specific creators in specific countries only.

Nomyayi identifies as a black queer designer. Not only showing its followers the lifestyle and life abroad, it confronts and unpacks the narrative of being foreign, black and queer.

Creator: Nozibele Qamngana

The subscribers: 164,000

The Qamnganga channel documents her life as a mother and wife living with HIV. Based on lifestyle, health and wellness, Qamnganga shares past and current experiences of living with HIV, sharing tips, tricks and motivational thoughts on living with the virus. The mother of one is also the author of her own autobiography, I am still Me, which she wrote after finding out she had tested positive in 2013.

Creators: Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu

The subscribers: 282,000

This husband and wife duo share content about their life as a married couple. Fun and authentic content is what this couple is all about, often unpacking the lives of a biracial couple from different cultures; fitness, health, vulnerability in relationships, spirituality and more.

Creator: Tshegofatso Isaac

The subscribers: 15.6,000

Isaac, a young entrepreneur and software engineer, joined the platform in 2015. She enjoys solving problems and constantly learning. On her channel, she talks about being a young entrepreneur and welcomes guests to unpack more about entrepreneurship. Along with owning her own business that sells 100% soy wax candles, the 22-year-old shares her financial advice on investments, cryptocurrencies, and offers her coding and software expertise.

Creator: Gugulethu Nyatsuba

The subscribers: 66.4,000

January 30 marked the second anniversary of Nyatsumba’s launch of his “Uncomfortable Growth” channel. A charismatic and often introspective individual, Nyatsumba has garnered a devoted following who find her content relevant and relevant to the social and political narratives in which women find themselves. His channel offers downloads such as Music Wednesdays, a college guide, vlogs, living in your twenties, health journals and more.

Creator: Xukununu Ntsetselelo

The subscribers: 13.8,000

Ntsetselelo is a skincare, beauty and lifestyle vlogger. The content creator gives the inside scoop on top beauty and skincare products. She also discusses the stigma of acne and the difficulties in maintaining your skin and your confidence.

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