A creator who started her journey by making short humorous videos

Time and time again, after a hard day’s work, we have found ourselves recharging our batteries in the comforting warmth of comedy and entertainment. We tend to turn to creators instagram for laughs, entertainment and of course, zany parodies. One of those major influencers that makes India proud is Shivani Kapila Tyagi a.k.a Small Glove to instagram. In a very short time, she Reels exploded on the ‘gram and grabbed everyone’s attention as its content hits straight into the feels. They also motivate and boost morale instantly. Read on to learn more about Shivani and her journey.

On Shivani Kapila Tyagi

Shivani a.k.a ‘Little Glove’ is an Indian YouTuber and content creator who started her journey on ICT Tac and gained recognition. Later she crossed instagram and Youtube. She started creating content on ICT Tac in 2018 and became popular by making short humorous videos with her mother-in-law, Anita Tyagi. After the ban on ICT Tac in India, she started making humorous videos on Youtube and has established a skill for bringing smiles to people’s faces ever since. She is known for creating short lip-sync and emotional videos on instagram and Youtube. She has an overall following of over 50 lakhs+ followers across all social media platforms. It has a silver and gold button of Youtube as well as a silver mask of the Moj application.

About the content of Shivani Kapila Tyagi

Shivani Kapila Tyagi is one of the popular names on the ‘gram known for creating creative and unique content. She creates short humorous content that is sure to put a smile on your face. In a short time, she established herself as a successful designer and attracted a massive following on social media platforms. She also takes us through her candid moments, making us feel like we’re part of her journey and that’s something we love. However, his videos with his stepmom are something to watch. She believes in creating content that empowers women and also talks about social issues, aside from trending Reels. Fun fact, his videos haven’t received any hate comments to date. Keep Reelin’ gurl ’cause we can’t get enough of your content.

Here is what Shivani Kapila Tyagi has to say about its content,

I am a middle class, small town girl raised with hardworking and dedicated values. Since education was a top priority for my mother, I pursued my MBA (human resources) and like any other girl, I wanted to work for a company one day. Google India was my last client as BHR. I didn’t consider myself a content creator back then, but watching short videos got me interested in creating them. My husband motivated me, my mother-in-law became my partner in crime and I started making videos with my family and people loved them. We’ve created content around social messaging, comedy, fashion, the mother-baby journey, and more.

While I was anxious after TikTok was banned in India, I didn’t stop what I was passionate about, making videos and creating content. And so, here I am today, your ‘Little Glove’. I stand with a 4.2M channel on YouTube and 916,000 followers on Instagram; The number of fans I have on Facebook and Snapchat is 580,000, I have my own studio and I have a charity service called #LittlegloveSeva. Even a small town girl with big dreams doesn’t know where her destiny will take her, but all “little loves” need to know… dream BIG because you deserve it!

We defo love how she has reached the hearts of millions of people by just being herself and giving some fresh air vibrations. She keeps the same level of energy when it comes to jumping on the trend wagons. We look forward to it reaching new heights and hitting many more milestones. By the way, we hope you are all taking care and staying safe. Also, follow @missmalinitrending for more information about your prefer influencers and creators.

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