A Gen Z Creator Who Runs The “Gram With” Masti Majha Full Scenes “


‘Heyyo besties’! Better known as ‘Taneesho’ to Instagram and “Tanee’s show” to Youtube, Taneesha Mirwani currently leads the content space as one of the most popular Gen-Z creators. Its content includes everything from anecdotes to Questions and answers to challenges and vlogs, it is exactly the ‘masti majha full’ scenes you need in your life, eh eh. Its content is not only witty and hilarious, but also thought-provoking as it creates content on topics that are otherwise considered taboo in India. You can check them all here. Read on to learn more about Taneesha and her content creation journey.

About Taneesha Mirwani

Born and raised in Mumbai, Taneesha Mirwani is a smart and tenacious young girl who has achieved huge success on social media platforms due to her dynamic nature and illustrious personality. In no time, his hard work and dedication has earned him huge success. At present, she has over 1.85 lakh of subscribers with over 1.7 million views on her Youtube channel and a fan count of over +2,70,000 on it Instagram manipulate. We often see her collaborating with her designer friends. She is a young content creator who has already come a long way and still has a long way to go.

Everything about Taneesha Mirwani’s content

Taneesha started it Youtube channel by naming it “Tanee’s show”, during the lockdown period and finally took her business seriously as a digital content creator. She launched her channel in mid-June 2020 and the rest is history. Currently, she is one of the best Gen-Z creators. Its content mainly consists of posting short thunderous videos with family and friends, including dance trends, lip-syncing videos and vlogs, aka ‘Vloggu’. Also, with her hard work and consistency, Taneesha also received a Silver play button of Youtube and this is one of the greatest achievements of her journey as a designer so far. This milestone was his motivation to continue creating content and bringing a smile to social media users.

Here’s what Taneesha Mirwani has to say about her journey,

Taneesha Mirwani (Source: Instagram | @taneesho)

I remember it was three years ago when I was visiting my uncle in Europe. We were sightseeing at this waterfall and I asked my cousin to take pictures of me. I posed in front of the waterfall and jokingly said, “I’m a Instagram flu‘. Three years later, I’m now creating great content and some of the best memories of my life which is more than a dream to me. I started in November 2019 on TIC Tac, but I got serious after sharing my SoBo series on IGTV. Later I created a Youtube channel and started vlogging. I have met some amazing people in the Indian influencer community and made some of my best friends and connections here. However, what makes me happiest in this area is the online community that supports me on a daily basis. Some of my Youtube subscribers who call me their older sister or ‘best’ from different parts of the country look at me everyday and sincerely wish me the best without even having a conversation with me. I think that’s the best part about being a designer today.

We totally encourage Taneesha to achieve huge success and tons of accomplishments in this content creation journey. You should defo look at her Instagram as good as Youtube if you haven’t already. By the way, we urge you to get vaccinated and stay safe.

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