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BFC Partners and Oak-Michigan HDFC, Inc., the owner of McCarley Gardens, are proposing a significant addition to the development located at the south end of the medical campus. The team renovating the existing units at McCarley Gardens are proposing a six-story mixed-use building at the northwest corner of the site on Virginia and Ellicott streets.

According to a conceptual plan prepared by Carmina Wood Morris, the 265,000 sq.ft. the building would include 24,000 sq.ft. of shops, 250 parking spaces and 212 affordable and market-priced apartments wrapped around a central courtyard. The developers have requested a zoning change for part of the site and are also proposing to relocate a section of North Oak Street to connect to Virginia Street.

From the project request:

The Applicant seeks to expand the improvements to the existing development of McCarley Gardens by adding approximately 212 additional labor / affordable and market-priced housing to a 1.63 acre portion of the North Corner. west of 172 Goodell Street. This second phase of the McCarley Gardens renovation project is a critical step in bringing urban amenities to the residents of McCarley Gardens, Fruit Belt and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. The surrounding residential developments have a long waiting list for units at all prices, underscoring both the demand for and the need for additional housing to accommodate the influx of young professionals and healthcare workers employed at the Medical Campus who are looking for urban living conditions.

The proposed development will also improve safety and liven up the streetscape of Ellicott and Virginia by adding continuous retail stores to this street corner. The presence of retail businesses stimulates foot traffic, improving the economy and the safety of surrounding streets. The project includes up to 20,000 square feet of retail space on the 1st floor, with probable tenants, including casual dining restaurants, providing key equipment to Fruit Belt residents and medical campus employees. In addition, up to 250 parking spaces will provide parking for nearby offices and businesses and help reduce congestion in the existing parking lot near the project site.

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