Alexandra Ibrahim’s Rapid Rise as a Digital Creator, Influencer and Now Entrepreneur – News

She is set to launch her beauty boutique in Dubai soon which will offer some of the most renowned beauty treatments given her vast knowledge of all things beauty and skin.

Published: Mon 16 May 2022, 2:44 PM

Wonderful are all these success stories that are made from scratch and mostly by modern women in the modern world. Men have always been celebrated for their achievements and contributions in their respective industries, but now is the time to focus on how women have taken over almost every industry in the world as bosses. They challenge the status quo and face challenges head-on to become one of the world’s top talents in their respective niches. Doing this and more is one such mesmerizing beauty and a brilliant content creator named Alexandra Ibrahim Moukalled.

Alexandra Ibrahim grew up dreaming big. She also imagined herself there in front of people as a creator and artist. Growing up and seeing the constant rise of the digital world, she knew where she wanted to be. She dove deep into the content creation game and rose to the top as a digital creator, social media influencer and inspirational woman. The Beirut beauty, who now lives in Dubai, has worked with some of the most respected national and global brands like Charlotte Tilbury, L’Oréal, JIJIL Collection, The Giving Movement, Honor Arabia, Les Benjamins, Pretty Little Thing, Jw Tarte , Foreo and Noon.

Its content is based on beauty, skincare, fashion, sports and lifestyle niches. The graduate with a master’s degree in marketing also later earned her digital marketing certificate. The collaboration with the best restaurants, hotels and different agencies has allowed him to become known in the digital space. It has even partnered with giant brands like Maybelline and Benefit in Lebanon. All of this has helped her travel to different parts of the world, gaining even more amazing work experiences.

Alexandra Ibrahim is now looking forward to advancing her career with plans to start her own beauty salon in Dubai soon. Soon to be a business owner, she is both excited and nervous, but confident in her visions. She will keep the interiors simple yet elegant with minimalist modern designs combined with the latest technology in the industry and plans to wow people with her extraordinary services like hair, eyelashes, nails, eyebrow rolling, massages, hair treatments, waxing and much more. .

Connect with her on Instagram @alexsaibrahim find out more.

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