Andhra man dies after two B Pharma students followed YouTube video to operate on him

A man has died after two B Pharma students tried to change his gender while watching a tutorial on YouTube.

The deceased bled to death during a botched sex change operation (Representative image)

A man has died after two undergraduate medical students in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, attempted to have him undergo sex reassignment surgery while watching a tutorial on YouTube.

The botched procedure was undertaken Thursday in a private lodge by two B Pharma students.

The deceased has been identified as Srikanth, 28, from Prakasam district who worked menial jobs in Hyderabad. Srikanth had left his wife some time ago and was living alone.

He got in touch with the two BPharma students and revealed his desire to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Srikanth wanted to travel to Mumbai for the procedure, but the two undergraduates convinced him to let them operate on him at a cheaper price.

The three rented a room in a private lodge for the operation. The two students, Mastan and Jeeva, started the procedure by following a video on YouTube. Unfortunately, during the operation, Srikanth passed away due to excessive bleeding.

The incident came to light after lodge staff found the corpse inside the room. The police arrested the two students.

At first glance, the cause of Srikanth’s death is believed to be overuse of sedatives and hemorrhage.

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