Celeste Developer Receives Game Award After YouTuber Bought It On eBay

Extremely OK Games, developer of the 2018 hit indie game Celeste, finally received The Game Awards’ Best Indie Game award more than three years later.

This episode was revealed after a Call of Duty YouTuber by PrestigeIsKey handle youtube.com/watch?v=OLKVU9mfBME&ab_channel=PrestigeIsKey” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>posted a video on his channel explaining how he bought the prize on eBay, thinking it was a replica for $375. The content creator explained how he was looking for a replica of a TGA award to serve as something in his collection.

Prestige mentions in his video that the seller usually sells auto parts, so he has no idea how he received the award. Everything the listing provided was “came from one of our clearance sources. Other than that, we don’t have any other information about the origin of this article.

Prestige reached out to Heidy Motta, head of operations at Extremely OK Games, to ask about the prize. Motta replied: “We never received the trophy.” Celeste’s developer decided to refund the money Prestige paid to get the trophy and that they would also send signed copies of the game.

Gamepur has reached out to The Game Awards for comment and will update this story accordingly as it progresses.

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