Charly Jordan reveals how wrestling shaped her success as an entrepreneur

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Not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship. Getting money on your own requires a strong mindset and a relentless attitude to never give up. However, a self-taught mindset can be rewarding, especially if you dare to go all the way.

Veronique Sams

One person who has embodied this entrepreneurial mindset is model, business owner, content creator, and musician Charly Jordan. Jordan quickly became one of the most familiar faces on social media, amassing a following across multiple platforms, with nearly 5 million followers on her. instagram and more than eight million followers on her ICT Tac page.

But her role in the entertainment industry goes beyond being a social media influencer. The designer has turned her social media success into a thriving career as an entrepreneur and musician.

Besides her work creating social media content for brands such as Revolve, Savage x Fenty, BooHoo, Alo Yoga and others, she is also the founder of two online brands. smoky roses is Jordan’s answer to push the tobacco industry in a more natural direction. beauty in pain is a fashion and jewelry brand whose core mission is to de-stigmatize the conversation around mental health through its apparel and accessories. She hopes to take the brand forward as a charity in the future.

With a long history of performing, the rising talent has become one of the few female DJs with a Las Vegas residency at the Zouk Group. As a singer, Jordan has amassed millions of plays around the world, most recently dropping back-to-back singles titled inner flower and soak it.

Jordan reflects on how her rocky upbringing shaped her success as an entrepreneur and why persistence and structure are her two most important virtues.

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The importance of perseverance

Born in Las Vegas, Charly Jordan grew up in a reserved house where showing her shoulders or knees and even drinking soda was not allowed. “I was doing all these things because I was supposed to and because my family was religious,” Jordan explains. Around the age of 17, Jordan knew that the path her parents had led her on for so long was not going in the direction she wanted. “I had seen enough to realize it wasn’t what I wanted,” she said.

During his senior year of high school, Jordan excelled in his athletic career in track and field, ranking fourth in the nation for hurdles. Jordan was faced with the difficult decision of whether to move on in a life that left her unfulfilled – or to leave it all behind. On the one hand, she had several scholarships lined up that would take care of her education, but on the other hand, she was exhausted and tired of being forced to live a certain way. The pressures of his decision began to crumble. “I started having panic attacks,” Jordan recalled. The panic attacks escalated into self-harm, eventually pushing the young woman past her breaking point.

Taking a leap of faith, Jordan opted out of her scholarship, leaving her future secure. Leading a difficult life at home, Jordan was kicked out of her home and left homeless for the last three months of her senior year. “I took my phone and my car and drove off,” she said. At the time, the young designer was living an hour’s drive from her school, attendance became a problem and she barely graduated. “I walked to graduation by myself – it’s crazy to have spent your whole life going to school, and the only time to celebrate, none of my family showed up. My life was falling apart.”

With nothing but his phone and his car, Jordan began to take advantage of his newfound freedom to connect with others in the social media industry. She began dm-inging photographers and models, going on road trips to collaborate with others. Jordan would travel to neighboring states, making stops at national parks and other scenic areas to capture their beauty. As soon as she arrived, Jordan began documenting her travels, creating videos and compiling footage along the way. With just over 100,000 followers on her Instagram page at the time, things started looking up. “I was just doing it for fun, then as a job and a year later I had over a million followers, which is pretty crazy growth,” Jordan explains. Her subscribers continued to grow exponentially with nearly a million new subscribers a year while she lived in her car and hopped on her couch.

Image Credit: Veronica Sams; Makeup: Ashley Simmons; Styling: Jordan Marx

While growing rapidly on social media, getting into modeling was initially a challenge for the social media guru. Jordan’s body has been criticized as “too muscular” for her to work as a model. “When I hit 150,000 (subscribers) that’s when a brand first flew me somewhere. I was doing photography and modeling in nature. I’m really grateful that I did that because I wasn’t getting regular modeling jobs. . Nobody wanted to sign me because I was too muscular,” Jordan explains. As a model, Jordan began working with brands like TenTree and Pura Vida, often stopping off in third world countries for charity.

Jordan lived a double life, spending time in the most beautiful places in the world and then returning home for nothing. “People on Instagram saw this beautiful life that I wanted to have, but it wasn’t my reality. But six months later, it became my life,” she said.

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The importance of structure

Much of Jordan’s success depends on his weekly schedule and work environment. The influencer says assigning different tasks and projects to each day of the week and having her own space to focus is key to her success.

“I try not to complicate things too much. I have a million things going on,” she said. “Each day is dedicated to something different: Monday is for personal care, Tuesday for YouTube, Wednesday for music, Thursday for phone calls, and Friday is catch-up day for everything I have. late,” she continued. “Having a busy schedule is the only way to handle it all.”

Juggling so many responsibilities at once, Jordan understands how important a rigorous and disciplined schedule is to managing time properly and staying productive.

Final Thoughts

She started her social media career with just her phone and a car, going through obstacles on her way to continue and build a more than successful life. Her story is inspiring and shows how perseverance, above all else, can allow you to reap the rewards.

Beyond just the will to keep going when the going gets tough, structure plays an important role in Jordan’s success as an independent business owner. Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle and structure in your daily life is essential.

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