Cheems Inu launched on Binance

WILMINGTON, DE / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2021 / Every now and then in the crypto realm a new generation of tokens kicks in that fundamentally changes the way things are done. Today we welcome a new competitor on the scene. A meta-shaking, rippling wave, which combines new conceptual utility and beloved community branding. Enter Cheems Inu.

We have seen the meteoric rise of a variety of memecoins over the past year or so. Some of them had an actual use case concept from launch, but the majority start with nothing but the hype, and hastily whip up a half-baked “feature” that ultimately only delivers. false promises and hot air for investors seeking both entertainment and utility from their tokens. Now imagine the potential of that same energy and hype, harnessed and properly utilized by a team with real development experience. A team that has a proven track record of pushing boundaries and innovating in the Blockchain space, who have shown that they are more than capable of executing any concept they can think of. Imagine that this team has an appropriate plan in place that starts right at launch, with achievable milestones and a consistent level of progress. Imagine that this team had built a tenacious and vibrant community, dedicated to the brand and fervently holding on to see what the future holds. All of this encompasses the story of Cheems Inu.

Below is a concise description of what Cheems Inu is, how it works, and what it intends to do, as written directly by one of the main developers on the Cheems team.

“The Cheems platform, a price tracking website for cryptocurrency tokens, will launch soon. With the growth of the Blockchain space, tokens such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have become valuable assets in their own right, with market capitalizations and trading volumes in Cheems aimed to provide the most current and accurate information on fluctuations in the prices of these memes assets, providing a valuable service to the investment and cryptocurrency communities.

Launched alongside the Cheems price tracking platform, the native digital token Cheems will allow even token creators to pay a registration fee to register their unique assets on the Cheems website. In addition, the token will allow even token creators to pay a fee for advertising their digital offerings on the ad space found on the Cheems website.

As meme tokens evolve from an entertaining diversion to an actively tracked and traded domain within the cryptocurrency space, Cheems will provide a cutting edge price tracking and discovery service for investors and crypto enthusiasts. -cash.

A limited number of Cheems tokens have been created, and any registration or advertising fees paid to the Cheems platform must be paid using these tokens. The Cheems platform will burn any Cheems tokens used in the fee payment, preventing them from being used or re-broadcast. As a result, the Cheems token is fundamentally deflationary and is expected to hold its value as the supply becomes increasingly limited.

The Cheems token should have value via:

Its usefulness is the only way for even token makers to list their new tokens on Cheems or to advertise their tokens even on the advertising space of the Cheems website.

The fundamentally deflationary nature of the token results in a drop in supply as more and more Cheems are spent on registration and advertising fees.

The Cheems token not only finds use within the Cheems platform as a way to list meme tokens and advertise meme tokens, but also to be a valuable asset in its own right.

Cheems Inu Tokenomics:

Total supply:6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Circulating power supply:4 860 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000

Maximum wallet size:3% of the total supply

Taxes:10% buy, 15% sell, split equally between liquidity and marketing

Among the multiple functions that the Cheems MEMETOOLS platform will provide, one of the overall positive aspects will be cohesion. Even tokens (and the products and services used to redeem, track, and discuss them) often suffer from a lack of organization. In a market that is constantly evolving into the latest fashions, whether it’s a pop culture reference, a holiday theme, or even Elon’s random tweet, being misinformed is fall behind. How, then, are we supposed to try to stay up to date? Going through half a dozen different sites and chat rooms? What if we could consolidate all of these sources into one elegant service? This is what the Cheems MEMETOOLS platform will bring to the table. A true one-stop-shop experience for all meme tokens, a gold mine with untapped potential. The Cheems team has done everything from groundbreaking tokenomics, to deflationary and highly effective launch pads, to groundbreaking work on NFTs and methods of trading and their creation of value. This expertise was directly extended to Cheems Inu, and the results already speak for themselves.

When it comes to advertising, top influencers including Twitter’s legendary @ 1Goonrich have already hopped aboard the Cheems Train. The community itself has exploded in size, fostering its own growth through a constant flow of word of mouth advertising and constant engagement with each other and with each other in the general crypto space. Cheems Inu has also been listed on Hotbit since November 30, 2021. There are also confirmed rumors of a real-world advertisement related to a certain space company … but you better wait and see what comes out of it. The crypto world thrives on innovation and growth, and Cheems Inu has shown its ability to deliver both. This party has only just begun.

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