Clear Capital launches two Desktop Appraisal solutions to meet new GSE standards

clear capitala national real estate appraisal company, today announced the launch of two office appraisal products, according to a press release shared with FinLedger.

Both products, Office assessment and Office data collection, are both aligned with the standards recently established by GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The products are designed to provide a modern and fast valuation process for mortgage lenders.

“The recent additions of desktop ratings to Fannie Mae and Freddie MacSales Guides have been a significant milestone for our industry as the desktop option can help provide faster appraisals while alleviating appraiser capacity constraints and helping to standardize property data collection” , Duane Andrews, CEO of Clear Capital, said in the statement.

Office assessment is a GSE-compliant 1004 Desktop/70D home valuation tool that Clear Capital claims can provide reliable value opinions with a price that is certainly in line with traditional valuations, but at a faster speed.

“With our desktop appraisal solution, seasoned appraisers can provide a valuable opinion up to 50% faster than a traditional appraisal, which means mortgage lenders can close loans faster and with confidence. for their customers,” Andrews said.

Of the society Office data collection The product is a certified background check tool that uses a property data collection service to capture information and photos. It also generates high-fidelity (HiFi) floor plans with interior walls and ANSI-aligned digital gross living area (GLA), according to the release.

The Property Data Collection Service utilizes a network of certified data collectors, i.e. Realtors or Clear Capital Panel Brokers, who coordinate with property contacts to complete residential property data collection. .

Once these collectors have gathered information about the condition of the property, the data is reviewed for quality assurance and then provided to an appraisal management company (AMC) or a select panel of directly engaged appraisers by the lender.

“Our experienced panel covers 90% of the United States, which means lenders can widely adopt desktop data collection and scale quickly nationwide,” said Dan McAlister, director of product management at Clear. Capital, in the press release.

“The product can be easily integrated into many leading order management systems, simplifying the ordering process. Lenders can use their existing AMC or directly engaged valuation committees to reliably supplement the desk valuation with the necessary property data,” McAlister said.

Clear Capital also noted that lenders can purchase a package that includes both products or choose to use Desktop Data Collection as a standalone product.

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