Clix banned from Twitch for streaming ‘sexual conduct’

Popular Tic streamer and Fortnite pro Clix has been banned from Tic for seven days following a GTA V role-playing clip that was found to violate Twitch’s sexual conduct clause.

Clix is ​​one of the most viewed creators on Twitch. Content creator NRG has amassed over 5 million subscribers on the live streaming platform and averages over 10,000 viewers across almost every stream. The 17-year-old livestreamer has enjoyed an unprecedented rise to Twitch stardom, but now his channel is temporarily unavailable following his fourth ban from the platform.

On September 13, Clix streamed playing GTA V role play alongside several others. During its broadcast, the Fortnite professional engaged in sexually explicit content, and shortly after the stream ended, Clix’s channel was temporarily removed. Although he was initially confused about the nature of his ban, content creator NRG quickly shared the reason on Twitter.

“It’s crazy how I get a seven-day ban for fully clothed same-sex ‘sexual conduct’ GTA RP but a girl who knowingly broadcast herself having sex in real life gets the same seven day ban as me, lol bro, I can’t…” Clix said. He referenced the case of Kimmikka, a Twitch streamer who received a seven-day ban for having live sex and has since become an example for creators trying to claim a double standard on the platform.

Since this is Clix’s fourth ban from Twitch, the streamer will face a longer suspension from the platform. Clix also said in his tweet that he will remain suspended from Twitch for the next seven days. Fans quickly rallied in support of the streamer, sharing Clix’s bewilderment over the sudden ban.

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