Content creator Seth Green victim of a hacker as clever as a monkey

The author of the “Robot Chicken” series intended to introduce a digital character from the NFT group “Bored Ape Yacht Club”. But that was before an intruder kidnapped her.

Who could have been bitten by the Seth Green monkeys? Don’t worry, we are not talking here about primates in the flesh but about digital images from the Bored Ape Yacht Club series, which are resold in the form of NFTs, virtual title certificates based on the same technology. of cryptocurrencies. On May 17, this actor was seen in buffy the vampire slayer or in austin powers, animated series creator robot chicken Twitter Advertising That three “bored monkeys”, plus another small character, were stolen from him, after being hacked by phishing – a very common form of internet scam. Then the hacker sold two of the four NFTs for several hundred dollars (!)…

Seth Green’s problem is that he’s been working on a new comedy series that mixes animation and live-action for several months, and “Fred”, one of the monkeys who grew up, was the central character of the series. White Horse Pub. By pirating his “bored monkey”, Seth Green also lost the commercial exploitation rights that accompanied it, and could no longer feature it in his series. Finally, in theory, because the new owner of Fred, a certain “DarkWing84”, should go to court to prove that he was the holder of the rights and that he was unaware that a piracy had taken place. In short, we have not finished talking about NFTs and the ridiculous stories caused by the speculative craze they arouse.

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