Decentraland will reward active entrepreneurial investors the most

Decentraland (CCC:MANA-USD) has long been on the radar of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Experts on the metaverse are aware of its importance to the larger movement to digitize our physical world and all that goes with it.

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A broad awareness of the potential of Decentraland in the digital space for companies and creators has been brewing for some time. Anyone who has asked “where will the metaverse be built?” Surely found Decentraland among their first responses.

But it wasn’t until Facebook announced its new branding for Meta-platforms (NASDAQ:FB) that Decentraland has acquired a new level of weight.

Momentary leveling

The late October news from Meta Platform made MANA’s prices quadruple overnight. The 80-cent token was suddenly worth over $ 3. MANA prices then spiked again in late November, hitting over $ 5 before dropping back to $ 3-4.

Perhaps this means that MANA prices are on the verge of stabilizing, in which the $ 3 and $ 4 range serves as a new entry point. This is mostly a guess and somewhat irrelevant anyway.

What is more important to understand is what the opportunity is at Decentraland and why it could push MANA prices higher in the future. So at this point it’s fair to at least note the price predictions for MANA.

A small sample of predictions goes for $ 7 by 2023 and between $ 15 and $ 16 by 2028. That also includes a high of $ 93.66 by 2030. To be honest, no one really has a problem. good model for such predictions now. Fundamental analysis of crypto is nowhere near as advanced as that which exists for stocks and other assets. Still, it’s good to have at least some sort of rough estimate rather than expecting MANA to be as valuable as Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD) Where Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) soon, or maybe never.

The value of MANA

Certainly, MANA is an asset that investors can passively use just to seek gain. There is absolutely a bullish case for doing this. It does not seem unreasonable to anticipate that the capital invested in MANA could quickly double or more. And the long run looks even brighter.

In my mind, the value of MANA and Decentraland is more evident to active investors who are willing to bet on Decentraland and create in its metaverse.

In other words, the content creators, businesses, and others who develop its metaverse should reap the greatest rewards. This is why it is important for those who are really interested in capitalizing on Decentraland to conceptualize the build there.

Building in Decentraland

Decentraland’s metaverse is a finite, fixed space of 90,601 digital real estate plots. Each of these plots is 16 meters by 16 meters, or 52.5 feet by 52.5 feet for users of the non-metric system. These plots are individually called TERRAIN.

It is clear that those entrepreneurial minds with a creative flair for business in the digital world will capitalize on MANA and Decentraland. Any method by which people derive value from physical land in the real world will theoretically exist in the metaverse. Sell ​​the LAND, rent the LAND, advertise the LAND and, quite simply, market the LAND.

This is the broadest way to understand why Decentraland gets a lot of people excited. One of the images that Decentraland conjures up in my mind is that of ‘The Million Dollar Homepage’.

It’s not pretty, but it gets the message across. There is a lot of money to be made in the Metaverse. Outside of LAND development, there are many opportunities to sell digital items. It really is a gross understatement. It’s wide open.

What to do with Decentraland

The main takeaway here is that Decentraland offers plenty of opportunities for many from the passive investor to the active creator / investor.

Evaluating MANA’s price is somewhat of a questionable exercise. I think he will increase because he has a dominant position at the start. But I hope it’s perfectly clear where I think the biggest returns will come from Decentraland.

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