Developers Can Now Promote Android Apps on Desktop Google Search


App developers can sometimes have a hard time promoting their apps on Google Play and getting people to download them to their phones. Especially now that the world is changing and becoming more and more digital every year. Around 3 million apps are available from around 700,000 app developers, and for a new developer to stand out, it can be an uphill battle if you don’t have the right tools. However, if you’re willing to pay to promote your app, good news: Google has more tools available so you can promote your Android app more effectively across the entire Google ecosystem, including Google Search.

One of them is advertising campaigns. Advertising campaigns already exist on Android smartphones and use machine learning to find relevant smartphone users in Google search, YouTube, Play, Discover and other parts of the Google ecosystem, and now for the first time, Google is extending its reach to the desktop version. the Google browser as well as the Google Display Network for campaigns served on Android. Google already prominently displays apps from the Google Play Store when you search for a relevant term, but

Google also realizes that just as it’s important to connect with Android users in places like Google Search in order to grow your app, by measuring the appropriate events in the app, you can understand what’s happening. happens after the first installation. That’s why Google introduces the Google Analytics SDK for Firebase, which allows advertisers and developers to create and edit custom events in the app without writing any code, such as recording a “purchase” on a confirmation page. . Finally, there is an in-link validator and ROI tool. Deep links in an app allow users to go directly to a single destination or landing page, but it takes a lot of technical effort. With this new Google tool, developers will be able to quickly fix broken deep links and calculate the ROI for integrating deep links into their Google ads.

With these 3 new tools, Google is hoping that making your app to stand out in places like Google Search just got a little easier. What do you think?

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