Developers have a new way to advertise apps on the App Store


App developers now have another way to promote their app in the App Store.

Apple has announced a new way for developers to present their apps to potential users in an update on the Apple Developer Website. While developers have always been able to advertise their app at the top of search results in the store, Apple has now added the ability to purchase an ad placement in the Search tab itself. This will put your app in front of potential customers even before they search.

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In order to promote the new ad placement option, the company is giving developers $ 100 ad credit to try it out.

Apple Search Ads has always made it easy to promote your apps to the top of relevant search results on the App Store. You can now reach users even before they search with an ad placement on the Search tab. It’s a simple and effective way to help users discover your apps. Try Apple Search Ads for free with a $ 100 credit.

If developers buy this way to advertise their app, it will be displayed at the top of the Suggested apps list in the Search tab of the App Store app.

You can showcase your app with a prominent location in the Search tab of the App Store. Your ads appear at the top of the suggested apps list, which helps increase awareness and downloads for your app.

Developers can learn more about the new advertising method on the Apple Search Ads website.

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