Developers openly announce illegal settlements in Ludhiana: The Tribune India


Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, April 23

Although the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) has taken action in accordance with the law against developers of illegal and unlicensed settlements from time to time and defaulters are invariably warned not to continue development work (internal and external ) in violation of the Punjab Apartment and Property Regulation Act (PAPRA), more and more illegal settlements continue to appear in various parts of the city, especially on the outskirts.

The prevailing scenario of the proliferation of illegal and unlicensed settlements in and around the city has taken an alarming turn. Unscrupulous developers are now openly and aggressively advertising their settlements in print, online, and social media. Most of them try to deceive gullible members of the public with false claims that their settlements are approved by GLADA.

Even after the initiation of some policies by the state government for the regularization of illegal settlements statewide that have been developed until March 2018, the official number of illegal settlements that could not benefit from the program amounted to nearly 2,000.

“In the meantime (from March 2018 to date) several hundred other settlements have sprung up, sparing no attempts to woo buyers, with some of these unscrupulous developers claiming their projects are approved by GLADA under the control of the regulatory body and its field staff. the situation as a dumb spectator, ”says Harbir Singh, a real estate dealer in Dugri.

Advising members of the public not to fall for the misleading and false statements of unscrupulous developers, senior GLADA officials said buyers should confirm the status of the colony and the good faith of the developers before investing their hard money. earned to buy residential land or illegal commercial properties. colonies.

“We have already recommended the registration of criminal cases (FIR) against many settlement promoters on Dugri-Dhandra Road and a few other places,” said an official from GLADA’s engineering branch.

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