Digital creator stuns onlookers with crazy backflips on the railway platform

In the short clip, Suraj Singh, popularly known as the ‘crazy follipper’ according to his Instagram handle, is seen performing a series of flowing backflips on a platform while an express train waits there.

Instagram screenshot.

In the emerging era of social media, talent doesn’t take long to get recognized. As most people own a smartphone these days, talented people don’t need to search for platforms to showcase their skills. Recently, Instagram Reel has become very popular as users from all nooks and crannies of the country get a chance to showcase their talents in front of a huge audience.

Recently, a video of an Indian boy performing one of the most difficult types of gymnastics caused quite a stir on the internet. The boy named Suraj Singh is a popular content creator on Instagram and has gained many followers online by showing stunt previews. He has been known to frequently upload videos of himself doing flips in random places on his Instagram handle.

Watch the video here:

The last was reeled off at an unidentified station where he can be seen performing a series of backflips in front of the general public. In the short clip, Singh, popularly known as ‘crazy pinball’ by his Instagram handle, is seen performing a series of smooth backflips on a platform while an express train waits for him. He edited the last part of the video in slow motion to make the turnaround clear to the audience.

Train passengers also seem delighted to watch the stunt in a public place. A police inspector is also there, looking impressed by his attempts. At the end of the video, the officer can be seen asking for the recording device and the reason may be that capturing photos and videos inside several railway premises in India is not allowed. The reel’s caption also read, “Police seized cell phone.”

Since being shared, the clip has received over 7 lakh views and garnered over 3 lakh likes on Instagram. While many users expressed their appreciation with emojis in the comments section of the deadly show, some expressed concern for the boy’s safety. One of the commenters wrote: “Remarkable bro but please be careful.”

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