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Throughout the year, Digital Turbine, AdColony and Fyber have kept you up to date with the latest news, trends and developments in the mobile world. As the year draws to a close, we look back on another year of mobile evolution and where we think we are heading for the industry. Read on for the Last Mobile Monday of 2021!

Digital turbine: retrospective of the year and our crystal ball

By the turn of 2021, we were all talking about 5G, Apple’s recently introduced depreciation of IDFA, and what mobile would look like coming out of COVID (remember when we thought it might actually end?). But what really happened? Here are our top 3 things of 2020:

  1. Confidentiality is here to stay.

We’ve seen the first realities of Apple’s privacy push and nothing has exploded. And even if Google delays its privacy changes, it’s obvious to everyone that mobile targeting will change.

  1. Industry consolidations abound.

We’ve seen the first realities of Apple’s privacy push and nothing has exploded. And even if Google delays its privacy changes, it’s obvious to everyone that mobile targeting will change.

  1. Mobile use continued to grow.

While we may have thought that our dependence on mobile could ease with the pandemic, this year has shown that consumers’ dependence on mobile is stronger than ever. Who would have thought that the world being less mobile (due to the tendency to stay at home) would lead to more mobile use?

The above industry changes certainly set us up for an interesting year ahead. Here are the top 3 things to look for in Digital Turbine:

  1. The year of APP-ortunity

The good news is that with the increase in mobile usage, users are available. The bad news is that privacy has made user acquisition a challenge. In 2022, the industry will rise to the challenge. the first APP-ortunity report of its kind for shopping revealed how different strategies can be applied depending on what consumers think about your app. Expect this kind of predictive information to help advertisers seize the opportunity… er, APP-ortunity.

  1. Let’s get metric-al

With the privacy changes here to stay, expect the industry to work together to create new, privacy-friendly ways to track campaign success. While the Walled Gardens still exist, you’ve seen enough challenges for them and hopefully you will see some of those walls come down and give people a better understanding of the true value of their ad spend.

  1. Advertising and content, the best combo since chocolate and peanut butter We’ve already seen a big increase in the way big brands market. Take, for example, the rise of influencer marketing through platforms like TikTok where brands allow social media influencers to tout their products through the content they produce. This trend is going to rise and explode in 2022 when you will see such a seamless connection between content and advertising that, as a consumer, you might not even recognize the difference.

AdColony: What to expect from users and mobile advertisers in 2022

For the mobile industry, 2021 has been a wild ride – in more ways than one. Based on what we’ve seen this year, the trends will continue, involving consumer time and mobile purchases, privacy updates, and industry adaptations.

  1. Advertisers will continue to allocate ad budgets to Android due to its valuable audience

With the release of iOS 14.5 and later 15, the world of adtech and mobile advertising had to adjust and redefine strategies to be successful. Signing up users to follow up with Apple’s updates resulted in less addressability on the operating system, however, the numbers were not as low as some had predicted. That said, brands and advertisers have started move ad spend to Android devices after realizing the vast audience that can be reached through this channel, and this trend will continue after the new year.

  1. Privacy measures will bring contextual targeting to the fore

Apple’s privacy changes have also affected the industry in terms of how advertisers reach consumers. On iOS and Android devices, advertisers will look at contextual targeting to reach the right audiences in a privacy-focused space. And there will be many audiences to reach on mobile, with consumers continually increasing their time and functionality with smartphones.

  1. Shopping and socializing will continue the reign of mobile

In 2021, users continued to spend time on mobile and make smartphones their device of choice for shopping, having fun, ordering food and more, even with the pandemic lockdown restrictions. . Increasingly, users are turning to their mobile devices to shop, with purchases ranging from small to life-changing, and to relax and have fun in addition to keeping in touch with friends and family. via messaging, social media and even mobile games. So in 2022, consumers are expected to continue to prioritize mobile devices and increase the uses of their devices, advertisers and brands will follow these consumers on mobile devices and advertise there, and privacy and tech updates will drive Android ad spend and contextual targeting.

Fyber: The mobile user-centric mindset will become a priority

2021 has been a banner year for mobile. It was also one of the most eventful. Almost daily consolidations, Apple’s privacy changes (which are here to stay), ATT rollout on SKAdNetwork; app developers haven’t stopped building and growing their app businesses. Likewise, app users have not stopped using their mobile apps. So how do we see things going in 2022? Looked.

  1. Mobile gaming in 2022 is expected to continue on its upward trajectory.

Newzoo predicts that the global mobile games market will grow with a compound annual growth rate of + 11.2% (2019-2024) to reach 116.4 billion dollars in 2024. For the most part, the pandemic has helped accelerate trends and attract more users to the mobile world. To pass the lockdown time, more time has been spent on mobile and more users are looking for social interactions. Consumers are now on average 90 minutes of smartphone gaming per day. With this, consumer spending on apps increased and brands finally began to recognize the power of literally ending up in the palms of users’ hands.

  1. Understand how users interact with ad genres and formats.

With the increased shift to mobile advertising, we will likely continue to take advantage of the ability of mobile devices to deliver the best user experiences. This will also require a deeper understanding of how consumers interact with different genres of games and different ad formats, as well as a bespoke creative approach that will resonate with users.

  1. Developers take advantage of in-app auction solutions.

We expect developers to deepen their games and user experience, and merge ad technology and monetization tools together to maximize revenue. To do this, developers take advantage of the auction solutions built into their mediation platforms, allowing them to maximize monetization and automate time-consuming processes. The game studios that will come out the winners, in terms of revenue, are the ones that take gender-specific trends into consideration and carefully craft their monetization tactics.

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