Dr Disrespect accuses Warzone devs of false Ricochet anti-cheat advertising

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has accused the developers of Call of Duty: Warzone of false Ricochet anti-cheat advertising after being victimized by a rather suspicious player.

Despite all of Warzone’s successes over the past two years, the battle royale’s struggles with cheaters and hackers have been well documented. Raven Software has, over time, banned many cheats but only introduced anti-cheat with the CoD: Vanguard integration.

While the anti-cheat seemed to be doing its job at the start of the onboarding period, players have complained about a recent influx of cheaters, saying they may have found a way to make their cheaters undetectable.

In the case of Dr Disrespect, who took a break from Warzone like many others as cheaters got out of control, he also has his doubts that Ricochet is fully operational at the minute.

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RICOCHET anti-cheat is live in Warzone, but it’s not a magic bullet for hacking.

During his January 7 stream, the Two-Time settled in for a small session of Warzone when he ran into a few issues – mostly with his connection to servers.

However, before trying to fix these issues, he was shot down by a player who came across as a small suspect. Not only was their aim accurate, but they had pre-shot The document even before being really visible under cover.

“This guy is hacking, isn’t he? One hundred percent?” the streamer said with a shocked look on his face after watching the resulting kill cam. “So they lied to us about Ricochet. It’s false advertising, huh.

Timestamp of 1:32:20


The Doc demanded answers from his viewers, many of whom said they had recently encountered hackers after a period without them.

It’s unclear if anything changed that allowed cheaters to bypass Ricochet’s controls, but it looks like they’re becoming more and more common. However, we will have to wait and see if there are any other changes to get rid of it.

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