Filipino Cinema’s Greatest Actress At 68 Is Happy To Cook On YouTube




The cooking instructions are displayed on the screen and, like Nora Aunor, they are interspersed with “po” and “opo”.

JEROME B. GOMEZ | May 21, 2021

Fans and academics can spend this entire day, her 68th birthday, defending the actress’ claim to a national artist honor, but it looks like Nora Aunor would be just as happy to cook a good meal at home. These days, the greatest Filipino film actress is a reluctant YouTube star, sharing recipes she learned from her parents online as a young girl in Iriga, Camarines Sur. Yes, it looks like there’s a new “Cooking it Up with Nora” in town – but this Nora can sing too.

Her six-month-long channel is called Nora Aunor Official and has 44,900 subscribers at last count. It’s a way for her to connect with fans from different parts of the world, so there are clips of his variety show “Superstar”, an episode where she scrolls through her “Superstar” outfits (but don’t expect the production value of “Pretty Woman”), and episodes where she visits her fans at home (I’m not sure this is a good idea for an elderly person like her and her older fans in this pandemic, but she is here).

As for the cooking tutorials, it is already at two episodes. She does them in some nondescript kitchen and with a lady named Tammy holding the camera. The first dish she prepares is the Bicol Express (already at 305,000 views), which she continues with another recipe from Bicolano: Ginataang Laing (now at 53,000 views in four weeks). She wears no makeup, cooks with the most basic ingredients, and gives the most frugal instructions. She just lets her eyes do the talking. Jk.

But seriously, the instructions are displayed on the screen and, like Nora Aunor, they are dotted with “po” and “opo”. She is, as always, very sorry – as if imposing her recipe on everyone. “Sorry po», She said about the oily participation of the Bicol Express, which seems incredible to us. “Hindi naman po talaga ako marunong magluto. »Relax, eaten Guy, YOU. DOES NOT HAVE. KILL. ANYBODY.

The actress has just finished her work on Adolf Alix’s “Kontrabida” where she plays the villain for the first time.

She is more confident about the Ginataang Laing episode and she promises to cook Ginataang Langka afterwards. These dishes, she says, are things she learned from watching her parents cook when she was little in Bicol. (In the evening, young Nora was selling the dishes in a market in Iriga.) Whether they taste good or not, we can’t say for sure, but how the lady turns the simplest ingredients into a delicious dish. – hey, ad agencies, she can do food styling – it’s a little kitchen himala.


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