Fox News host Dan Bongino suspended from YouTube over COVID-19 misinformation

FoxNews Right-wing host and commentator Dan Bongino won’t be able to upload anything to his YouTube channel for a week, according to Forbes and The hill. The website has temporarily suspended its account over misinformation about COVID-19, specifically for stating that masks are useless in preventing the spread of coronavirus. YouTube updated its rules in 2020 to prohibit “content about COVID-19 that poses a serious risk of gross harm.” It doesn’t allow videos with medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities, such as the World Health Organization.

The organization sees mask-wearing as “a key measure to reduce transmission and save lives”. This is why YouTube explicitly states that videos containing claims that wearing masks have negative side effects and that they play no role in preventing the contraction or transmission of COVID-19 go to against its policy. The website has suspended several creators for misinformation about COVID-19 in the past, including Sky News Australia, An American information network and Senator Rand Paul.

Bongino only gets a one-week suspension, as it is his first strike under the policy. If he gets another strike within 90 days, he will get another two-week suspension. His channel will only be removed if he receives a third warning within three months. In addition to suspending its uploads, YouTube also demonetized its channel for “repeated violation [its] Harmful and Dangerous Acts Tailored Guidelines for Advertisers.” However, they may reapply for the Associates Program after 30 days.

That said, it looks like Bongino intends to continue breaking YouTube’s COVID-19 rules. the Bongino Report site’s Twitter account job a copy of his email to YouTube, which tells the customer service representative that he will “immediately post content about why masks have been completely ineffective in stopping this pandemic” after his suspension ends. He dared YouTube to do something about it. Bongino also called the website (and, by extension, Google) “tyrannical, free speech hating, bullshit, big tech shit.”

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