Going on a trip? Here’s how to upload videos to YouTube

The list of things that make flying uncomfortable is long. Cramped seating, anxiety-inducing turbulence, mediocre food, the prospect of getting sick, but chief among them is the lack of internet access.

Fortunately, many online streaming giants allow their users to download content for offline viewing. This includes YouTube, which offers download functionality to its YouTube Premium subscribers. It might be worth starting a free trial for any air travel you have on the horizon. Downloading YouTube videos after activating a premium subscription is easy. This can be done on the YouTube mobile app or on the YouTube website on your computer on some browsers (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Opera).

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How to Download YouTube Videos to Computer

1. Log in to your YouTube Premium account.

2. Navigate to the video you want to download.

3. Click “DOWNLOAD” under the video title.

How to upload a video to YouTube

4. The icon will turn blue until the download is complete.

How to upload a video to YouTube

How to upload a video to YouTube

You can view your downloaded videos by clicking “Downloads” in the left side menu. Open “Settings” and click “Downloads” to adjust the download quality of your videos.

How to Download a YouTube Video to Your Phone (Android and iOS)

  1. Log in to the YouTube Premium account on the YouTube app.

  2. Shoot the video you want to save

  3. Tap “download” under the video title

  4. The icon will turn blue when downloading and say “downloaded”.

You can see your downloaded video in your library. To adjust the download quality of your videos, open “Settings”, tap “Background & Downloads” and select “Download Quality”.

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