Google expands privacy sandbox for ads

A company can have as many fancy features as they want, but that doesn’t mean anything if they can’t protect your privacy. Google comes announcement that he’s working on something called the Privacy Sandbox Initiative. It will bring more private advertising methods.

Privacy Sandbox initiative will help make advertising more private

It happens all the time: you search the web for fishing rods, then five minutes later all your social media accounts and web searches are filled with ads promoting fishing rods. This means that when you searched for the fishing rods, that search was recorded and forwarded to an advertising agency who then routed those advertisements directly to you. Nobody likes the idea of ​​that. This makes many people skeptical about the amount of data sent to different sites.

For this reason, Google started developing Privacy Sandbox. There are many Android apps on the Google Play Store, and they can easily steal your data for advertising purposes. Google envisions this as a way to serve ads without siphoning off user data. The company is talking about a multi-year initiative, so we won’t see much of it for a while.

At this time, we know it will not be a single plan or product. The Privacy Sandbox initiative will involve several different plans that aim to change the way companies advertise. Google says the current methods we use to advertise are simply outdated. They use old technology that causes our data to be tracked by different companies. He plans to change that in the next two years.

When will we see a change?

This process will certainly take time to start, but we should see something within 1 to 2 years. Google has already started putting things together and will work with developers along the way. The company has its first submissions on the Android developer site, and developers can review them today. By the end of the year, Google will offer a developer preview for developers to try out. We won’t really have much information to go on in the meantime. A beta testing phase will follow, but that might not happen until next year.

It could be huge

If this initiative takes off, it could revolutionize the way our data is processed. Google has a large footprint on the internet, so any major change it implements definitely ripples. If Google improves the way privacy is handled, it will most likely have a positive effect on other companies. We don’t know much about what will happen, so only time will tell what the Privacy Sandbox Initiative will bring.

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