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In the current age of the internet, words like “Content Creator” and “Influencer” are commonly used on almost all social media platforms. Influencers certainly act as product gurus, a constant source of inspiration and, of course, a constant source of entertainment. The terms influencers, content creators and celebrities are quite confusing for common people as they are not aware of the difference between them. Well, believe it or not, the terms “influencer” and “content creator” are not synonymous, and yes, the two have two different roles from a user and consumer perspective.

In short, content creator is one who produces some form of content on the internet, not limited to blogs, vlogs, photographs, videos and reels.

On the other hand, influencers also create such content, but they are best known for their audience, followers, and relationships. Meaning, the “influence” or impact they have on their followers.

Still confused?

Let’s dive into the world of content creators and influencers. Meet the father of creator economics, Dheeraj Jorwal, who will guide us to understand exactly what the real difference between the two is.

Who are the content creators?

Having a good pixel smartphone and clicking a quick selfie doesn’t make you a creator. Content creators take their visual creativity to a whole new level by creating high-quality content. Content creators are the photographers, creative directors, writers or videographers who are fluent and adept at creating professional quality content that gets people engaged on their channel on social media. For example, WanderWithSky, Aakash Malhotra is an Indian highlander who has a crush on the world. So far he has traveled across India and explored 42 countries and seeks to travel the world. “WanderWithSky” creates travel content and shares travel experiences while traveling the world. The channel has 67.5,000 subscribers.

Nomad Shubham is also a full-time traveler. Shubham has traveled 20 countries and 19 states so far and the journey continues. The channel loves a massive 1.92 million subscribers

Dheeraj explains that you might not see them on ramps or at awards shows. But they can have a huge following for the variety of content they creatively create.

For brands that need source content for their website, ads, or social media, print; these are the people you need to approach. Content creators create creative yet professional quality content that is ambitious and authentic.

Who are the influencers?

Now let’s look at a colloquial word “Influencer”, who are they?

Influencers are vloggers, comedians, storytellers and critics from the social media world. Amit Bhadana, Round2Hell, Carry Minati, Harsh Beniwal, BB Ki Vines to name a few are the most famous influencers dominating social media by storm.

Influencers are the famous people who create content to capture the attention of the audience and increase their followers to ultimately earn money from their content.

Influencers can also be micro-celebrities. Consumers want someone they can trust to promote their brands on social media, hence influencers because they are real people who have marketed their brands through social media to build good audiences.

Content creators earn money by developing strategies and content like videos and blogs by uploading them to their accounts to generate ad revenue. They are either paid directly by a customer who seeks their services or through their efforts in building an audience that wants to pay to consume their content.

The primary goal of influencers is to “influence” audiences, build strong relationships with them, and constantly strive to increase engagement on their posts and ensure they have maximum presence. on the Web.

About Dheeraj Jorwal

Dheeraj Jorwal is the backbone of India’s top YouTube influencers. He is the founder of Brandzup, which is now known as “Creators Company”, in partnership with Rohit Yadav & Sanchit Goyal, which is the most successful and popular influencer marketing and management company in India. India.

His team also has a hand in the Haryanvi music industry. Their music label ‘Desi Records’ gave the fastest billion views to the song ’52 Gaj Ka Daman’.

Recently, Dheeraj Jorwal launched a new venture with his team in the gaming content creator segment “X Network”, an Extreme Gaming content creator network that is booming in the Indian creator economy market.

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