How an OnlyFans creator launched an alternative crypto-based platform

  • Allie Rae started sharing adult content on OnlyFans in 2020, earning over $1 million in revenue.
  • But she grew frustrated with the platform’s handling of workers and payments.
  • She created a crypto-based adult content platform that aims to solve these problems.

Allie Rae was among over a million creators on OnlyFans when the adult content platform announced its decision to ban explicit content in August.

At the time, Rae had already earned more than $200,000 from his adult content, according to documents verified by Insider, much of which would be removed 30 days after OnlyFans announced. Having left her full-time job as an intensive care nurse a few months earlier, Rae was furious and scared by what this announcement meant for her.

Many creators said they felt like the platform’s executives didn’t care about them and their safety at work. Meanwhile, many customers were avoiding purchasing content because it would show up on bank statements.

Although OnlyFans later reversed the decision due to backlash in the community, Rae knew she could no longer rely on it for her financial well-being. She started imagining a new place for adult content that would solve some of the problems creators had with the platform.

This month, she is launching WetSpace, an adult content platform that aims to put creators first and is driven entirely by cryptocurrency transactions. WetSpace aims to allow subscribers to pay creators with multiple forms of cryptocurrency, which would increase payment security, sex work stability and the anonymity of its users, Rae said.

To date, Rae has logged over $1 million in lifetime earnings on OnlyFans, according to documents verified by Insider. Now she’s sharing her plans to create a platform that will fill a void for adult content entrepreneurs like her. The interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Allie Rae

Allie Rae.

Courtesy of Allie Rae

Filling a void in the adult content industry

I worked as an intensive care nurse for nine years before the pandemic. I posted some photos on OnlyFans in September 2020, and by December I had already won over $20,000.

I quit my nursing job in May and have been creating adult content full time ever since.

Allie Rae, nurse and entrepreneur

Rae previously worked as a full-time critical care nurse.

Courtesy of Allie Rae

I saw a business opportunity in solving the many problems that creators and viewers have with today’s adult content sites. For example, when OnlyFans announced its intention to remove all explicit content, fear gripped the community. This would have put the creators out of work with barely notice.

For viewers, the platform is something very private. But due to OnlyFans payment requirements, transactions with the site will appear on bank statements. There are so many people who would subscribe to OnlyFans if it weren’t for the potential of it going public. In addition, some OnlyFans executives said some banks refused transactions going through the platform on the potentially negative connotation of working together.

As an entrepreneur, I wanted to address both of these issues. I started WetSpace because I understand the conditions workers expect and deserve and want to make it a priority. The implementation of cryptography in the platform also helps users stay anonymous and feel comfortable. It was a very clear void in the market that I wanted to fill.

WetSpace Subscription and Coin Payout Options

WetSpace’s subscription and pay-per-play options.

Courtesy of Allie Rae

Building a business from a personal brand

WetSpace will be available to public users in March after our February beta testing ends. I intend to build a community through the platform and will use my own brand to power it.

My personal brand was so successful because I showed people that you can be a normal person, have a good marriage, be a good mother, and simultaneously be an adult content creator. I am an advocate for others in this space.

Adult content creators don’t have many supporters fighting for their rights. With WetSpace, I will ensure that creators are treated like the professionals and entrepreneurs that they are.

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