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Donnalyn Bartolome

Donnalyn Bartolome is one of the top content creators in the Philippines today, with over 15 million followers on Facebook. In 2021 alone, she grew her Page by over 7 million followers, proving that the right content strategy and audience understanding effectively fuels Page engagement growth.

But this has not always been the case. While Donnalyn started vlogging, she gained social media fame with her viral song “Kakaibabe” in 2013, and her song and dance covers, beauty vlogs and content have skyrocketed her subscribers to 4 million on Facebook in 2017. However, this number has remained stagnant for the past three years, with no significant growth rate.

“If I didn’t notice that Facebook’s follower growth rate might drop, I felt like I was hitting a wall. Parang baka hindi na swak yung content ko,” Donnalyn shares.

Curious to see if she needed to change her strategy, Donnalyn partnered with Facebook in 2020 to find out how she could engage more users, break the noise in people’s feeds, and gain new fans.

After learning best practices about the platform and how to apply the insights gathered by Facebook’s Creator Studio tool, things started to pick up speed, just like her. From July 2020 to July 2021, Donnalyn grew her viewership by over 7.7 million.

“I started at the bottom and didn’t get to where I am now instantly. I always felt like an amateur, which made me strive, and I tried to try to try based on the ideas of Facebook Yung effort when you combine it with information on the page, you will surely start to see results,” Donnalyn added.

So how exactly did Donnalyn do it? She gives four tips on what you can do to improve both engagement and following on your Facebook page.

Donnalyn Bartolome

Tip #1: Understand your primary audience

After gaining a better understanding of her audience demographics and video performance through Facebook Creator Studio, Donnalyn shifted her content strategy to engage with her current followers in a more authentic way.

Discovering that most of her followers were young women, Donnalyn began to reveal more about herself through her content. From removing her braces, to interacting with her siblings, to her ever-popular romance anecdotes, she has created content related to the everyday lives of her audience.

“At first, I wondered if kung okay ba yun, because it was really about doing everyday things or talking about silly stuff, but the audience engaged with it, the more the sila was related to the naka, the more he engaged with my videos and posts,” Donnalyn said.

Additionally, Donnalyn looked at viewer retention metrics on her videos and found that the videos people watched the longest were the ones with better video quality. Using this idea, she upgraded her recording equipment to enhance the audio-visual experience and adjusted her editing style to keep viewers watching until the end.

Tip #2: Be authentic

To deepen the connection with her followers, Donnalyn also introduced less edited content to showcase her authentic self. She shared videos that gave fans insight into her daily life, Facebook Live events several times a month, and posts to Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories to share quick updates.

Taking it up a notch, Donnalyn also took the time to personally respond to comments left by fans about her content.

Tip #3: Develop a Consistent Content Calendar

Before her partnership with Facebook, Donnalyn posted videos erratically, which meant her audience didn’t know when to expect new content from her. Using insights from Creator Studio and following best practices from Facebook, Donnalyn began posting videos more consistently, up to four times a week.

“Kapag can stabilize after ka na, kailangan meron silang aabangan. You give them content at a consistent time and viewership will follow,” says Donnalyn.

Tip #4: Diversify your activities
For your content, don’t be afraid to tackle different topics or try new things. For Donnalyn, that included hosting giveaways and covering topics such as games and pranks – like the time she called a friend and told him she had shaved her eyebrows.

This helped her reach new audiences and convert them into subscribers. Engaging with other creators also helps. Donnalyn also follows and interacts with many other well-known Facebook public figures and creators on their pages. It also helps drive traffic to their page.

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