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LinkedIn has always been a powerful B2B tool and its engagement continues to grow. In our post-COVID world, LinkedIn has continued to grow in a way that aligns with other changes we’re seeing in the business landscape. According to their latest fiscal results, LinkedIn reported a 34% year-over-year increase in revenue to $3.44 billion, along with “record levels” of engagement. What does this mean for your business? How can you take advantage of this increased engagement? Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of LinkedIn marketing for law firms.

How to Maximize LinkedIn’s Growth Opportunities

Overall, LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions arm is performing better than ever. As user engagement becomes more important, businesses of all types are looking to take advantage of new opportunities.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Law Firms

1. New tools for creators

Recently, LinkedIn has been focused on offering new features to help content creators and individuals. They looked for new opportunities to act as a connecting platform, as well as providing more options for professionals to showcase their credentials. In particular, they added new analysis and profile options, as well as improvements to the “services” section for certain professions. Over the past year, LinkedIn has been looking for other ways to reach its broader user base with additional forms of content. An example is the Newsletters feature, which we’ve covered here. Check out our previous articles on why intro videos are an important part of LinkedIn marketing for law firms.

2. Career search tool

This is a feature that highlights in-demand skills and training opportunities. The goal is to connect the unparalleled professionalLinkedIn marketing for law firms information offered by LinkedIn with their LinkedIn Learning training tools. Experts agree that this content can play a key role in the career advancement of many people. The tool encourages a constant flow of new and relevant content that your business can contribute to. Look for opportunities to provide expertise within this formal training platform, and you will contribute to the continued growth of engagement.

3. Microsoft integrations

Although Microsoft has largely allowed LinkedIn to continue operating as its own entity, there have been some integrations into various Office products. For example, Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams users can merge LinkedIn data into their in-app experience. This provides more context in things like emails or meetings. You can also expect Microsoft to use LinkedIn data in core operations to maximize other marketing or promotional efforts.

4. Advertising opportunities

Due to the improvements we mentioned, as well as others, LinkedIn has seen impressive growth over the past few years.LinkedIn marketing for law firms quarters. More users come with more interest from advertisers and a larger audience to target. If you’ve already ignored advertising opportunities on LinkedIn, now might be the time to come back. When it comes to LinkedIn marketing for law firms, you should consider making paid social media a component of your strategy. Additionally, look for new opportunities in other areas that can help you take advantage of expanded engagement numbers. LinkedIn is making progress in live streaming functionality, as well as new content creation opportunities. They also hinted at improving other video tools, newsletter and other subscription options.

To learn more about how to advertise on LinkedIn, check out this eBook: The Law Firm’s Guide to Advertising on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn’s latest growth statistics tell a compelling story. If you’re looking for new ways to reach potential clients, LinkedIn marketing for law firms could offer key opportunities.

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