How to Stream from Google Meet to YouTube

If your account supports it, you can livestream a Google Meet session to YouTube to share your meeting with a global audience.

Image: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic

Many Google Workspace enterprise accounts support live streaming of Google Meet sessions to YouTube. Streaming can be useful when you want people to see meeting content, but don’t need people to participate. For example, a Meet-to-YouTube stream can be used to share information about an organization or product, educate or provide training. A Google Meet to YouTube stream can be a great way to make virtual conference sessions accessible to everyone.

Google Meet to YouTube live streaming is available for Google Workspace Enterprise editions (i.e. Starter, Standard, Plus), Education Plus, Education Upgrade Edition customers, and learning, individual Google Workspace customers and, in some countries, members of the Google One Premium plan.

How can a Google Workspace admin enable streaming?

A Google Workspace admin can manage a setting that allows organization members to stream Google Meet sessions to YouTube by following these steps.

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  1. Log in to the admin console with a Workspace admin account.
  2. Select Apps | Google Workspace (core Google Workspace services) | Google Meet.
  3. Select Stream, then select the pencil icon next to Stream to adjust the settings.
  4. Make sure that the Allow people to broadcast their meetings and Allow people to use YouTube to broadcast meetings boxes are checked, as shown in Figure A.
  5. Select Save to keep changes.

It may take some time for the streaming option to be available to all accounts in your organization.

Figure A

A Google Workspace admin can manage Google Meet Stream settings for members of their organization.

How to Stream to YouTube from Google Meet

Before you can live stream from Google Meet, you need to make sure the YouTube channel associated with your Google Account is set up for live streaming. To check this, go to YouTube, make sure you’re signed in to the correct account, then select Create | Go live. You may need to go through a verification process for your channel to allow live streaming.

During an active Google Meet session, select Activities (the square, circle, and triangle icon) | Live broadcast, as shown in Figure B.

Figure B

In Google Meet, access the live stream from the activity list.

Next, adjust the live stream event information fields as desired (Figure C). You can select or create a new event, enter an event title, set privacy options (i.e. public, private, unlisted) and select a language for subtitles. When done, select the Start Broadcast button.

Figure C

Enter event information before you start streaming.

The system will display a prompt (Figure D) which reminds you to inform attendees that the session will be livestreamed and that non-attendees can access the stream. Once you’ve reminded participants that the session will be live streamed, select Start.

Figure D

Make sure everyone in the meeting knows that your session will be streamed.

When streaming, a red button with the word Audience is displayed at the top left, with information about the number of viewers in a bar to the right of the audience button. Additionally, a Copy Live Stream URL button lets you get the session link for easy sharing, as well as a Stop Stream option.

Once the session is over, you can switch to your account to manage the video and access video analytics.

Figure E

When streaming, a status indicator and the number of viewers are displayed above the main Google Meet window.

What is your experience ?

Google also offers an in-domain streaming option for Enterprise, Education Plus, and Teaching and Learning Upgrade customers. This option restricts the view of feeds to people in the organization domains and workspace added by an admin.

Domain feeds can be used to share information relevant to many people in an organization, such as when a management team wants to solve a problem. See How to record or live stream with Hangouts Meet to learn how to add and set up a Google Calendar event for streaming in the domain.

What was your experience with live streaming to YouTube from Google Meet? Does this option allow you to reach more people with your video? What type of content do you typically deliver using this method? Send me a message or mention me on Twitter (@awolber) to let me know about your experience of streaming from Google Meet to YouTube.

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