I won’t tell people to eat less meat

‘As an MP from a rural constituency I understand how important it is to look after our natural environment and those it supports,’ he told the Telegraph, adding: ‘I will always support our farmers.”

“My riding is home to hundreds of cattle and lamb farmers and I am committed to supporting the fantastic industry they represent.

“People’s food choices are theirs and I would lead a government that stands up for our ranchers at home and abroad.

“I will advance the most important reforms in agriculture for half a century. Moreover, recent events have demonstrated the importance of national food production and the national resilience it gives us.

“I will put a renewed emphasis on this – and ensure that we support our farmers to boost production.”

Prohibition to build real estate developer

A key flashpoint between Mr Sunak and Liz Truss in the Tory leadership race was the extent to which they would encourage home building.

Mr Sunak has already said he will restrict construction on the greenbelt, while Ms Truss has promised to build a million homes there.

His plans for agriculture also include a ban on property developers buying fields to build homes, amid fears the total size of usable farmland will decline – leaving Britain more dependent on imports.

The pledge is likely to draw criticism from voters who are worried about the UK’s housing construction ambitions, but could play well among Conservative members in rural constituencies who would prefer development to be limited.

Restrictions would also be placed on farmland given over to “rewilding” projects, which aim to increase biodiversity, and large solar farms in place of crops, according to The Telegraph.

Make farmers a priority in trade deals

Currently around three-quarters of the food it is possible to grow in the UK climate is produced in Britain, but Mr Sunak said he would create a new legal requirement to account for the proportion of imports each year and set goals to become more independent. -sufficient.

The government has already set out a food strategy which pledges to increase Britain’s food security by boosting production of fruit and vegetables, but current rules only require ministers to report on the proportion of imports every three year.

In a coded attack on Ms Truss, Mr Sunak also slammed the Australian trade deal she brokered as international trade secretary, accusing it of failing UK farmers by encouraging cheaper imports of meat and other products also made in the UK.

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