“If you built this computer yourself, you could save $600”: Kristofer Yee rails against OTK’s StarForge PCs

Tic streamer and custom PC builder Kristofer Yee had some harsh reviews for StarForge recently launched a line of pre-built PCs, a brand created in collaboration between streaming collective OTK and content creator MoistCr1tikal.

Yee is one of the most popular PC builders on YouTube, breaking down hardware news and frequently building PC rigs from scrap in streams. The Tic streamer has even gone so far as to create PCs in increasingly absurd environments, including creating while doing a hot tub stream at the same time.

When reviewing StarForge’s Horizon Creator Edition PC, the most expensive PC available from the newly formed company, Yee warned his audience before deciding to purchase the pre-build. Although the PC’s name implies it could be used for things like streaming and creating videos, Yee said the StarForge PC Creator’s processor isn’t suitable for would-be content creators.

“A literal Creator Edition PC for nearly $3,500 and you’re using a processor that’s bad for content creation,” Yee said in disbelief. “You’re telling me if I pay $3500 you can’t spend another $20 to buy me just the 12900K model so I can have a content creation PC suitable for content creation? »

Yee went on to point out that a tiny upgrade to the system’s processor would significantly improve the PC’s ability to facilitate content creations. Further condemning the price, Yee said that “if you built this computer yourself, you could save $600”.

Although launched recently, StarForge has already suffered significant difficulties as a company. Just days after it opened, potential customers sharply criticized the company’s pricing, demanding upgrades for high PC costs. While the company has already adjusted the prices of the Horizon PC, critics have continued to attack the company.

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