Indonesian influencer slammed for making video of student with lice

Muhammad Ibrahim, also known as Baim Wong, an Indonesian actor recently came under fire for uploading a video of an elementary school student in Central Java. He has been heavily criticized for what netizens describe as the “exploitation” of children, reported from news sites such as CNN.

The video which drew criticism saw Wong filming a student with hair lice. The student’s teacher said the child was infected with lice and the child’s hair had been cut by the primary teacher.


When Wong was interviewed on an Indonesian TV show called TRANS TV and was interviewed for filming content, and he clarified that he had asked permission from the child.Many netizens were of the opinion that the content did not take into account the feelings of the child and that this could later lead to the mistreatment of the child by his friends, as the news would go viral.

Others also called on the content creator to simply help the kid, not turn him into content for his channel. Currently, the star has 17.7 million followers on Instagram and 20.8 million followers on YouTube.

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