Jed Duggar and wife Katey reveal gender of baby after accused of “distracting” from Josh’s child pornography trial

JED Duggar and wife Katey Nakatsu revealed the gender of their first child in an adorable family YouTube video after Josh Duggar was arrested for child pornography.

Jed and Katey announced they are expecting their first child together in September, months after they tied the knot.


Jed Duggar and Katey revealed the sex of their first child on FridayCredit: YouTube
The couple shared the news in a YouTube video filmed at a family celebration


The couple shared the news in a YouTube video filmed at a family celebrationCredit: YouTube

On Friday, Jed and Katey took to their joint Instagram account to share even more exciting news: the gender of their baby.

The couple posted two black and white photos from their gender reveal party, which the majority of the Duggar family appear to have been invited to.

In the first of two photos, Jed and Katey are shown smiling apparently moments after learning whether they are expecting a boy or a girl.

The second photo shows Jed swinging on something, sending dust into the air.

They captioned the post, “And our baby’s gender is …”, directing fans to a YouTube video in which they confirm they have a baby boy.

The video was filmed at a party, where family members – without Josh, who is in jail awaiting a child pornography conviction – gathered in what appears to be a park, ate together and had guessed the sex of the child before the big reveal.

Joe Duggar, John Duggar, Abbie Burnett, Jana Duggar and other famous family members were in attendance.

During the party, the family enjoyed themed snacks, choosing sides before meeting to experience sex once and for all.

After learning that the baby was a boy, you could hear someone screaming, “I knew that! as Jed and Katey kissed.

The gender reveal comes after Jed was accused of attempting to “distract” from Josh’s child pornography scandal.


As the trial unfolded, Jed shared photos of his engagement to Katey, which took place months earlier.

He captioned the photos: “Thinking back to our romantic winter proposal on Valentine’s Day! It was -13 ° F and it was snowing! She was SO surprised !!”

Ever since the former 19 Kids and Counting star asked the question, he and Katey had not only gotten married, but announced they were expecting.

They shared the exciting news in September.

Fans weren’t amused by what they perceived to be a stunt from Jed.

One person commented, “Damage control anyone? Is your brother in court for possession of CSAM and all you can do is talk about your engagement like nothing has happened?

Another replied: “Read the room Jed !!!!! Your 9sic) supporting your sick in the chief brother and a jury has to listen to the sick things he was looking at and your (sic) here remembering your proposal well Lord . “

Jed was scheduled to testify at the trial, as was his sister Jill Duggar.

The two men were to testify, but it is not known for which side: the prosecution or the defense.

Josh was charged in early 2021 with two counts of downloading and possessing child pornography.

He pleaded not guilty, but was charged with possessing sick images which have been described by authorities as “the worst of the worst”.

The eldest son Duggar has been found guilty and is in prison awaiting his conviction.


In September, Jed and Katey revealed that she was pregnant with their first child just months after their wedding.

The couple shared the news in an Instagram post, sharing a photo of them kissing while holding a board of words in front of them.

They captioned the post: “She tested positive, but not for Covid.”

In the first photo from the shoot, Katey was holding a sign that said, “And then there were 3.”

The sign read “baby duggar”, revealing that the child was due this spring.

While meant to be light, the Covid joke got the couple in hot water with the fans.

One follower commented: “Having 2 family members deceased from COVID, I find it very tasteless and unresponsive.”

Another wrote, “I hate it. It’s so old-fashioned and unpleasant. People are dying.”

The couple gathered family and friends to celebrate the big reveal


The couple gathered family and friends to celebrate the big revealCredit: YouTube
Blue dust has flown in the air signaling that a little boy is on his way


Blue dust has flown in the air signaling that a little boy is on his wayCredit: YouTube
Jed and Katey got engaged in February 2021


Jed and Katey got engaged in February 2021Credit: Instagram
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