LikeMeat launched the first TikTok scavenger hunt just in time for the Super Bowl

Did you know that people consume an estimated 1.4 billion chicken wings during and around the Super Bowl? This statistic – appetizing to some, horrifying to others – is what convinced a small plant-based meatless company called LikeMeat to launch its new plant-based chicken wing food, Like Chick’n Wings, in Big Game approach.

As part of a wider social and search campaign organized by 72andSunny, LikeMeat has launched what it believes to be the first promotion and scavenger hunt contest on TikTok, employing a series of celebrities and creators in a sequential set. of videos, which premiered on TikTok on January 26 and features soccer player Rob Gronkowski. Scavenger hunt winners enter a raffle to win tickets to Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles on February 13. Horizon Media’s social agency Blue Hour Studios produced the video series.

It’s yet another example of a distributor or brand using the cultural and social heat around the Super Bowl without spending the $6.5 million per 30-second spot to advertise in the Big Game on NBC.

Here’s the gist of the organic part of the effort: people have to find a secret code embedded in the Gronk TikTok video to unlock the second video and so on, with subsequent videos involving well-known TikTok personalities (Digiday doesn’t not identify them so as not to spoil the contest). Those who reach the end are entered into a raffle to win Super Bowl tickets.

“Challenges are inherent in the TikTok platform, but no one has pulled off a scavenger hunt like this before,” said Alexandria Lo Grasso, Creative Director of Blue Hour. (TikTok was unable to verify that this is the first scavenger hunt on the platform, given the volume of content uploaded.) “We intentionally leaned into a diverse range of personalities , all with different backgrounds, viewpoints and styles.”

While it’s too early to tell if the organic launch has achieved the virality that the “WingIt2WinIt” contest hoped for, it’s just the appetizer of a broader paid and search-driven social campaign for the brand. plant-based meatless which will continue until 2022 on such platforms as Instagram, Pinterest, Instacart and Google. The brand will also run customer marketing promotions at Sam’s Club, Walmart and Target stores.

“Even after the raffle ends, these videos will continue to serve as a vehicle for awareness and consideration among non-vegans as well as vegans,” said Taylor Michelle Gerard, Vice President of Content and Creative at Blue. Hour.

Emily Klooster, head of marketing for LikeMeat’s parent company, LiveKindly Collective, explained that the massive consumption of wings around the Super Bowl, as well as in the run-up to March Madness – the second scariest time of the year for chickens – is the perfect time to throw. According to her, TikTok made sense for two main reasons. “On the one hand, that’s where more and more Americans are getting their recipe ideas these days,” she said. “Second, the unique behavior on TikTok – discovering challenges and finding something new – made it the perfect environment for people to discover us.”

Interestingly, Klooster said the food brand won’t be using TV advertising — usually a staple of any consumer packaged product launch — anytime soon for reasons of cost and changing consumer behaviors when it comes to scheduling. meals. “A lot of that conversion is happening online these days,” she noted. But she stressed that the campaign schedule should start a few weeks before kickoff, “since people start planning their meals for that night well in advance.”

Why a plant-based food company started the first TikTok scavenger hunt featuring Gronk just in time for the Super Bowl

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