Linktree launches new marketplace, adding YouTube, Shopify and more

Linktree co-founders Anthony Zaccaria, Nick Humphreys and Alex Zaccaria. Source: provided.

social media unicorn Linktree has revealed Linktree Marketplace, enabling its more than 25 million creators to add over 30 linking apps and integrations to their landing pages, and visitors to watch, listen, buy and donate all in one place.

Creators can now add Link apps and integrations from over 30 partners and services, including PayPal, Square, Shopify, GoFundMe, Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Reddit, TikTok, and Twitch, among others. In return, creators get more views, streams, purchases, and donations.

This, as Alex Zaccaria, CEO and co-founder of Linktree said SmartCompany, “is testament to this evolution and the breadth and diversity of our 25 million users. With Linktrees in 250 different verticals and used by everyone from creators and big brands to entrepreneurs and your local pizzeria, we wanted to work more closely with our partners and help meet the evolving needs of our users.

“That’s exactly what Marketplace aims to do. It’s the one-stop partner directory for Link apps and platform integrations, which provide access to native experiences and services that drive even more engagement and conversion.

“We connect users to over 40 services and allow their visitors to watch, listen, buy and more, all in one place. »

The platform is also open to developers, allowing them to develop their own Link apps and integrations, in addition to those already offered. Developers can access Linktree’s APIs and SDKS, and interested developers can submit their interest on the Marketplace.

Currently, the creators of Linktree receive over a billion visits per month, with the launch coming a few months later. raise $150 million and reaching a valuation of US$1.3 billion.

Linktree Marketplace comes days after Linktree launched a brand new look, rebranded with a new logo and added features like animated silhouettes, a new custom font and color scheme to their product.

“The rebrand marks our evolution from a simple ‘link in bio’ tool to a platform that encompasses many facets of an individual’s digital universe ⁠ – a home where creators can truly connect to all that they are,” Zaccaria said. SmartCompany.

When announcing on their blog, co-founder Nick Humphreys noted that Linktree “needed a design that was forward-looking, really flexible, and able to tell a lot of different stories.”

While the facelift may have brightened up the creators’ landing pages, some aspects of the design didn’t go so well with Pedestrian.TV, who posted a hilarious assessment of the logo noting that “Linktree changed their logo into an asshole,” while wishing its readers a happy Pride month.

The article pointed out that “if I squint hard enough, I can see the vague shape of a tree they were aiming for. Still, it looks more like a broken asterisk than a tree,” adding, “Imagine realizing your true potential with an asshole logo. I mean, it’s pride month, so go kings. We are the lowest ally”.

Responding to Pedestrian.TV’s nerd design criticism, Mitch King, head of talent acquisition at Linktree, took the publication’s “immature child” with his own interpretation.

“Our logo is not an asshole, you are. I’m rubber, your [sic] glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to your skin,” he said in a post on LinkedIn, joining in the spirit by adding that “PS if it’s a hole in the ass is our asshole and we love it”.

The logo was designed by design agency Collins, who also designed the Spotify logo, and where appropriate adds a humorous footnote to the story of an ever-growing Australian unicorn.

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