List of Top 100 Indian Digital Stars from Forbes and INCA

Nikhil Sharma, also known as “Mumbiker Nikhil”, is the most popular content creator, according to the list of India’s Top 100 Digital Stars announced by Forbes India and INCA, the content marketing arm of GroupM.

Sharma is followed by Abhishek Upmanyu and Komal Pandey.

The list ranks content creators in nine categories – comedy, beauty, fashion, business and finance, fitness, food, technology, travel and social work, who have been recognized for their innovative and engaging content across the list.

In terms of engagement, Natasha Noel is at the top, while Ashish Chanchlani has the most followers. These digital stars create high-quality content and demonstrate high performance standards in terms of average views, engagement, impressions, and reach.

The average engagement rate of the 100 creators on the list is 5.89% and the average INCA score is 8.39/10. Comedy makers top the list, followed very closely by beauty and fashion; together they dominate 40% of the list.

Men and women contribute equally to the list, almost 50/50, and there are two transgender people.

Content creation, as a profession, is all the rage right now, but it can also be wildly unstable, and creativity, consistency, and hard work are key to success. This list captures the stories of many such creators who have worked their way to the top, from posting “outfits of the day” on social media, to editing their own videos, to getting over a million subscribers on all platforms, a lot of commitment and hard work. with some of the biggest brands.

“These creators go beyond the personalities that influence an audience; it’s often their content, in the form of videos, reels, graphics, blogs, etc., that engages audiences and, in some cases, is capable of making a difference. This special issue is the result of this Forbes India-INCA project of epic proportions,” said Brian Carvalho, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes India.

To arrive at the list, INCA first identified the top 20 creators from all 10 genres mentioned, keeping in mind engagement rate and number of followers. From this pool of 200 creators, they shortlisted the top 100 multiple core metrics: Reach, Engagement, Impressions, Authenticity, Follower Count, and Trending Score.

These numbers were fed into INCA’s proprietary INscore algorithm, which is a relative score between similar creators across the entire universe of creators. INscore groups creators by channel, type, and size, then ranks their content by engagement rate. The best content gets 10 and the worst gets 1. The platforms taken into account are: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and in some cases Twitter.

Kunal Sawant, Business Head, INCA India, GroupM, said, “Influencers have gone beyond just creating content, they are now becoming a brand in themselves. They do more than just raise awareness of a brand. They impact the middle and bottom of the funnel metrics, which include leads and conversion. This list is our effort to help marketers understand various aspects and names of the influencer marketing industry in the country and provide them with a curated list when talking about top influencers in different categories. To arrive at the list, we used INCA’s proprietary algorithm “INscore” and we are delighted to announce the launch of this list with Forbes India.

To access the final list, viewers can click here:

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