Live Streaming Star SypherPK Opens Austin’s Content Creators Hub

Want to build your brand with a famous streamer by your side?

Ali “SypherPK” Hassan could be your answer. The live streamer, who currently has over 5 million subscribers, and his business-savvy wife, Daniela Ali, will open soon Oni Studiosa massive new hub for content creators in Cedar Park.

Made popular by streaming site Twitch, Youtube and other social media channels, live video streaming should be worthwhile nearly $225 billion by 2028. In just a few short years, he catapulted many into stardom.

But becoming a star in a new industry has its challenges. From streaming for 10 hours a day out of his bedroom to teaching Fortnite tricks to millions, Hassan has lived it and he knows what he’s been missing.

“Before, I had to attend meetings, come up with my own plan, take my own photos, edit them, post them myself, and then show up to the sponsored stream and perform with really no support,” Hassantold Austinia.

Once his channel grew in popularity, Ali, who is the CEO behind the screens of Oni Studios, said the two needed to build “a business infrastructure that could sustain an income of almost a million dollars from day to day. the following day”.

Now complete with a clothing brand and more than 40 employees, the couple is ready to share their knowledge with other up-and-coming live streamers in Austin.

Austinia gave an exclusive tour of its 30,000 square foot Oni Studios site as construction begins. It offers more headsets than streaming services so far. But when complete, the studio will have private streaming rooms, conference rooms, a warehouse for photo and video shoots, and more.

Oni Studios will house content creators in over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space. (Oni Studios)

It will also include lots of fun things: Ali, who has broadcast from six different houses over the course of his career, will finally have a permanent base in a man cave overlooking the space, while the ground floor will house a basketball and an arcade area.

A basketball lounge and other fun additions are planned for the space. (Oni Studios)

Using their knowledge and experience, the two hope to navigate sometimes treacherous waters for influencers new to their brand. Daniela said the company is looking to streamline the process with social media, marketing and other departments so streamers only have to focus on what they do best.

“Almost everyone gets away with it,” Ali said. “People know how to create content, they can be entertaining or really good at video games, but for a lot of them that’s where it stops…and that’s where we try to sort of positioning Oni Studios and helping these hubs bridge that gap.”

Oni is currently taking submissions for a select group of “incubators” who will call Oni Studios their home base. But they’re not taking just anyone: Ali said the company got 10,000 submissions in a week, and they kept coming.

Here’s what it takes to be a future Oni Studios streamer, from the CEO herself:

  • Someone with a growth mindset and ambition
  • Someone who is related to an audience
  • Someone who brings something new to the table
  • Someone who has been a creator for one to three years and has experienced some sort of growth, big or small

“We’re not looking for the Ninjas of the world, because they’re already Ninjas,” Ali said. “Those people who come in and show that promise, we can grow them in a way that they can sustain for years and years to come.”

They will also offer smaller services to larger creators. Coming from a world often isolated from home streaming, the two hope to make Oni Studios a base for Austin’s growing community of content creators.

“Austin’s ecosystem of contributors is actually huge,” Hassan said. “We would already have the opportunity to work and partner with a lot of the biggest creators in the world…and the content creators here in Austin constantly ask me when that’s going to happen because there’s so much need for space like this. “

The site is located at 100 E Whitestone Blvd in Cedar Park and is expected to open by September. Apply to be an Oni Studios streamer here.

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