Market Leader VOGZ Expands Services to Connect Brands to Content Creators

VOGZ is a revolutionary platform where clients can generate user-generated content, which can serve as paid campaigns and be part of tomorrow’s advertising.

Vogz is the French leader in the UGC production platform which has redoubled its efforts to bring captivating and original content to content creators looking to get off to a flying start.

“The goal for brands is to create successful campaigns. Thus, more and more brands are looking for content creators and influencers on social networks to reach as many individuals and new audiences as possible. This is where VOGZ comes in,” says Alan Ghenassia, Founder of VOGZ.

VOGZ is powered by digital agency Wardogz, a media agency that assists its clients not only in creating digital experiences but also in managing media campaigns through various social networks and platforms. With the massive adoption of social media networks, Alan says it’s no wonder more and more digital marketing companies are advertising social media services.

The VOGZ team ensures that its creators tap into their creativity and enhance their potential through its content. A VOGZ is a video made by a Vogzter, who responds to a client brief and ensures the delivery of creative and authentic content that reflects the character of the content creator or influencer.

“For content creators, the key to success is to be sure of the brand as well as the type of service or product they want to collaborate with. However, captivating content is crucial to stand out in the fierce competition”, Alan explains.

The company leads the way by providing a single platform to centralize all exchanges and promotes the automation of contracts and the management of all rights. The team ensures that all content is secure on the platform.

VOGZ can be used to generate UGC content, redefining the way brands look at their paid advertising. Many marketers are already sifting through user-generated content and incorporating it into their overall marketing and branding strategy.

“In fact, incorporating UGC into a brand’s advertising strategy has proven to be an effective way to drive engagement. The VOGZ team is on top of making sure brands get the limelight they need, including ways to get ahead and break into TikTok (how to break into TikTok),” says Alan Ghenassia.

The team behind VOGZ achieves this by eliminating production costs and producing authentic and creative content to bring content creators’ brands and visions to consumers.

The VOGZ team assures that in 14 days, customers receive dozens of effective and impactful contents at a lower cost, allowing them to maximize their campaigns and increase their visibility without making a big dent in their operating costs.

VOGZ was created by advertising professionals who have years of experience developing and coordinating advertising strategies and campaigns, as well as identifying and developing market opportunities for content creators who are looking to stand out in the social media space.

Those interested can sign up now by creating their account on, a platform for both brands and content creators. Others who want to learn more about VOGZ can visit the website for more information.

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