Netflix Files Legal Action Against Creators of ‘Bridgerton’ Musical

Dear readers, we regret to inform you that we have become aware of some rather scandalous news.


So Lady Whistledown could write, should she find it hard to share the news that Netflix has filed a lawsuit against the Bridgerton musical.

According to NBC, netflix sued the creators of Bridgerton’s Unofficial Musical after accusing the musical stage production of infringing the copyright of the Netflix series.

©The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical

Bridgerton’s Unofficial Musical started as a series of TikTok videos which garnered 24 million followers shortly after the Bridgerton series premiered on Netflix. The TikTok videos were based on characters from the Netflix show, with songs inspired by the show’s various stories and plots.


Netflix says it warned the defendants to stop, but instead the creators went on to record and release an album, which won a Grammy Award. A stage performance soon followed.

Netflix said: “The Barlow & Bear ride started on social media, but expands ‘fan fiction’ far beyond its breaking point. This is a flagrant violation of intellectual property rights.


Netflix filed a lawsuit against Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear just three days after that show sold out a performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington. At the time, Netflix was hosting a live event, the Bridgerton Experience, in that same city.

In the lawsuit, Netflix said the Kennedy Center show “dragged in Bridgerton fans who would otherwise have witnessed the Bridgerton Experience and caused confusion about whether Netflix had approved unauthorized derivative works of Barlow & Bear. “.

© The Bridgerton Experience

Bridgerton Series creator Shonda Rhimes released a statement saying “what started as a fun celebration by Barlow & Bear on social media has turned into a blatant grab of intellectual property solely for the financial benefit of Barlow & Bear. “.

The Netflix series is inspired by books written by Julia Quinn, who also made a statement. Although she admitted she was thrilled at first to see how creative these fans were on TikTok, “tthere is however a difference between composing on TikTok and recording and playing for commercial purposes.


Although Netflix is ​​losing ground in the streaming wars and recently announced that it lost nearly a million subscribers, it still has its loyal fans due to shows like stranger things and Bridgerton.

Like Disney+, Netflix has already planned to add an ad-supported tier to its subscription choices. Only time will tell if he will manage to regain some of the subscribers he has lost.

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