Now Google Meet meetings can easily be live streamed to YouTube

More than two years into the pandemic, as video calls took over workspaces, Google Meet is now rolling out the ability to stream meetings live to YouTube, which could open them up to viewers more easily than Google Meet. old method of live streaming events via Meet itself. Google Workplace admins can opt into public streaming for work accounts they manage, which also includes a few safeguards to ensure your weekly standup doesn’t turn into an open mic.

The feature is available for most paid Workplace accounts: Enterprise tiers (starter, standard, and higher), Education Plus, Education and Learning upgrade, and individual Workplace subscribers, as well as Google One Premium plan members in select countries. However, users of most Starter, Basic, Legacy, or Essential plans do not have access to it.

If you want to livestream a Google Meet session on YouTube, you’ll need to apply in advance to get your YouTube channel approved. The approval process can take up to 24 hours. Users who need to change the length and duration of streams can do so in their privacy settings, and a full list of what is needed to launch streams is available on this support page.

Image: Google

Google Meet has seen a lot of changes this year, including combining it with Google Duo into a single hub for voice and video calls.

In June 2021, an update for teachers on Google Meet mentioned the ability to stream events like school board meetings on YouTube, and now it’s becoming really widely available (it could take up to a few weeks to become available for eligible accounts). Other features mentioned, such as improvements for breakout rooms and a “video lock” that allows hosts to turn off everyone’s videos at once or mute everyone, have since been rolled out. during.

In March, Google also introduced minor but useful changes such as picture-in-picture and emoji. The Google Meet interface refresh brought an easy shortcut to avoid having to see your own face all the time, methods to pin and unpin content, and a single bar to hold all of Meet’s controls.

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