Official Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Teaser Reveals Death Star, Old and New Island

Recently, some content creators received parts of an image by the official Fortnite handle. Putting them together, fans speculated that the next live event would contain the Death Star.

The story of Fortnite has been one of the most interesting stories in video game history. The island’s power source, The Zero Point, has interested many across the multiverse. The amount of power it contains in the fictional multiverse is unmatched.

This is the reason why all the villains from different universes like Marvel, DC and Star Wars come into the loop to capture his energy. To date, loopers have witnessed the invasion of aliens from Kymera, Galactus, Cattus, and even the Storm King to capture Zero Point. However, the good guys on the loop, i.e. The Seven, want to destroy him for good to break the loop.

The Imagined Order, a faction whose ultimate goal is to contain ground zero and maintain the loop, stands in the way. However, the events leading up to the Chapter 3 Season 2 finale could tell a completely different story, with the multiverse’s ultimate villain capturing the best of OG Island and Inverted Island, with The Zero Point alongside them. .

Death Star seen in latest Fortnite teaser, players speculate

Fortnite sent out a bunch of DMs to famous content creators with part of the teaser image for the Chapter 3 Season 2 live event, Collision. Ali-A posted an image sent to him by the game’s official account.

DM proof. They only sent the photo… 🤐

He then explained to his followers how the game’s official Twitter account just sent him a photo and no context behind it. Several players started speculating on the image and noticed a few weird things they didn’t get before.

Fans of the Star Wars franchise have speculated that the teaser image above looks like two planetary destroyers that house massive energy beams and can hold an entire planet inside. The weapons, named Death Star and Starkiller Base, were created by The Empire and The First Order respectively. The first, however, was made by Darth Vader.

If you look closely, the teaser image has zero point in the center with the old island at the bottom and the new island at the top. It could also point to how the Death Star or Starkiller Base could house both Ground Zero and the island itself, and how the Sith Lords could capture the loop entirely.

Now, as several previous leaks have hinted at a possible Star Wars and Fortnite collaboration to bring Darth Vader to the next Battle Pass, this could be a strong possibility for players to see him in the Collision live event. However, this might just be another fan speculation that might be too good to be true.

Additionally, a second teaser image was sent to a Fortnite content creator called Hiperop who showed the bottom half of the final teaser image. Looking at the same, one can point to circular rings around a sphere that could symbolize invasion by aliens or beams of energy surrounding zero point.

The cryptic teasers that have surfaced over the past 24 hours have the community excited as they look forward to embarking on a brand new season of Fortnite by attending the live event, Collision.

However, loopers may have to wait for the rest of the teasers to drop over the next few days for more information on the upcoming season or the live event itself.

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