Omni Cultural TV Fest Announces PitchIt! Event

Omni Cultural TV Fest, a one-of-a-kind platform encouraging diversity and inclusion in TV and film, has announced the launch of its first showcase event, Pitch It! Produced in partnership with NATPE, the event gives independent creators and producers the opportunity to showcase their work to buyers and distributors via a day-long event featuring screenings, top-rated industry panels, workshops and award ceremonies. To throw it! is part of the virtual festival taking place on Thursday, June 9 via STREAM World, a digital platform populated by avatars.

A&E Networks, TLC Networks, Roundtable Entertainment, Shorts TV, Will Smith’s Westbrook Studios, John Legend’s Get Gifted Film Company, Cactus Tree Entertainment, The Cartel, The Format People, Industry Media, Scott Sternberg productions, Canela Media, Culture Creative, Maverick Entertainment and Liverpool West Productions are among the prestigious production companies and networks participating in Pitch It, with more to come!

Considering that a successful pitch starts with preparation, Omni Cultural TV Fest will provide terms of reference in advance so attendees know what companies are looking for in genre, format, and target demos. The OCTVF will also offer Pitch Etiquette (how to pitch) so attendees will learn the do’s and don’ts of pitching their best pitch.

Participants will choose who to contact based on the companies’ mandates. On the day of the event, they will have an allotted time to pitch their projects directly to the companies they have selected. Scripted, unscripted, debates, comedy specials, documentaries, shorts and films of all genres are welcome. Creators must register by the May 19 deadline

Omni Cultural TV Fest was created and co-founded by actress/producer Kiki Melendez and co-founded by award-winning executive producer Cindy Cowan. Its launch in 2019 attracted more than 3,800 filmmakers and executives to the Egyptian theater.

“OCTVF is a labor of love from the staff and partners involved. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the entertainment industry, making it more inclusive, and we have countless success stories for prove that this international multicultural platform works!” said creator and co-founder Kiki Melendez.

To celebrate its 3rd year, OCTVF and NATPE will honor the Blue Ribbon Jury, Advisory Board and Selections of the 2022 Festival by hosting two live events. The first on April 6 at the Allure Banquet in Los Angeles and the other in New York on Thursday April 21 at 44 Lounge on Broadway.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be an independent content creator! We’re grateful for the participation and support of these renowned companies in our growing global independent content community,” said Jenean Atwood Baynes, Festival Director. and programming.

Independent creators and producers can sign up for Pitch it! from June 9 here:

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The deadline for registration is May 19, 2022.

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