Rolling Stone released a “Creators Issue” with MrBeast on the cover

During months, rolling stone used activations at festivals and conferences to promote its upcoming “creator issue”. This special edition is now available online and on newsstands, and its cover boy is none other than MrBeast himself. The North Carolina-based creator, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldsonis the first YouTube star to appear on the cover of the 54-year-old periodical.

Reed Duchscherwho manages Donaldson through his company Night media, wasted no time sharing the milestone coverage on Twitter. If you look past Donaldson’s ecstatic face and surrounding pile of cash, you’ll see teases for other parts of the Creator Issue, including a feature on the TikTok star Bella Poarch and a list of “social media’s hottest rising stars”.

To read the exciting parts of the Creator Issue, you’ll have to venture beyond the cover. The centerpiece of the magazine is a Donaldson’s 5,500 Word Profile, which details the creator’s humble past and explosive present. Hardcore MrBeast fans will already know most of the information in the article, but there is some fascinating information that was new to me. I didn’t know Donaldson had a Catania phase in which he ordered multiple copies of the game each month, and I also had no idea he was trying to turn his hometown – Greenville, NC – into a hub for content creators.

“The biggest parallel I could draw is with Tyler Perry in Atlanta,” MrBeast LLC President Marc Hustvedt said. rolling stone. “Jimmy is creating his own studio system here.” (Hustvedt is also co-founder of Tubular filter.)

But the main thing the profile talks about is money. Heaps and heaps of money.

The item includes a photo of Donaldson in which he stands next to literal money trees. There’s a story about the millions Donaldson spent on his squid game hobbies, another on the millions Donaldson has raised to plant trees, and several more on the millions Donaldson has donated during his career as a videographer.

The article has an obsession with money that its central figure doesn’t seem to share. In his discussion with rolling stoneDonaldson reiterated a belief he previously shared on The Joe Rogan Experience. “I don’t want to live my life chasing after the next shiny object to the next shiny object,” he told the reporter. EJ Dickson. “It’s a sad and miserable way to live life.”

Later in the play, we learn that Donaldon’s giving nature extends to his off-camera time. “Jimmy told me the first night I met him, his life’s ambition is to make the world a better place. I have no doubt it’s sincere. Beast Philanthropy CEO Darren Margolias Told rolling stone. “Also for people who say ‘He’s doing it for the views,’ we’ve done some incredibly generous things that Jimmy pays 100% out of pocket and nobody knows anything about.”

In many ways, Donaldson is the perfect designer to represent his colleagues on the cover of the Creator Issue, though the shape of his career is unique to him. He’s an obsessive, driven individual who produces content like never before in the world, and he earns millions of dollars in the process. Most creators can relate to the first part of this phrase, and if they play their cards right and get lucky, they might relate to the second part as well.

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