Save $ 50 on the Go XLR Mini and get the perfect sound for your streams and videos



By Elizabeth Henges
20 May 2021 21:51 GMT

If you’re a content creator, you know getting the right audio mix can be difficult. The Go XLR Mini makes it easy and is currently on sale on Amazon US.

Let me tell you a story about my struggles with Windows audio settings. It is not known how Windows will react when multiple audio sources trigger at once, and over the years I have dealt with inexplicably mute applications, settings reverting or changing for no reason, Windows updates ruining the plans. better designed … the list goes on and on. Making sure Windows plays well with a bunch of apps without imploding halfway can be tricky within the confines of the operating system. But there is a solution: a physical audio mixer.

You still have to deal with some Windows quirks, but with a mixer like the Go XLR Mini, you can put control of the audio mixing in your hands. Literally! The Go XLR mini lets you easily control the audio mix of up to four channels, and a PC app helps you make further adjustments as needed. No need to click OBS every time game or chat audio needs to be adjusted – just move the jog wheel up and down and you’re good to go. The Go XLR Mini also has built-in hardware that will make your voice great.

However, such practical equipment does not come cheap. Normally the Go XLR Mini costs $ 249.99. Right now, however, you can save $ 50 on Amazon US’s Mixer, bringing the total down to $ 199. You can also sign up for a 5 month payment plan, which ends up being $ 38.90 per month. No card is required for the payment plan, and it’s an easier way to purchase this useful device.

If you’re in the UK, unfortunately the Go XLR Mini isn’t on a good sale… at least, not yet. With Prime Day rumors quickly approaching, we might see a deeper cut then!

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