Scrub Daddy uses TikTok to reach Gen Z

Smiling yellow sponges

Unlike many brands, Scrub Daddy relies solely on social media content to market its products, Miller said. Their TikTok strategy revolves around a combination of building general brand awareness and promoting specific products through entertaining content, a strategy that has led to a steady increase in retail sales since Miller and Longo started producing content. When people check out brand content on TikTok, they might not immediately open a new tab or run to a store to buy a Scrub Daddy product, but the next time they buy a sponge, they will be more likely to buy one. the smiling yellow sponges because they remember seeing entertaining videos about them, Miller explained.

Through Miller and Longo’s overall content and strategy on TikTok, Scrub Daddy witnessed the exact transformation envisioned by CEO and brand president Krause, with the brand’s audience spanning “a lot of territory.” younger” and witnessed a “gradual growth” in their male demographics. , said Longo. More than 36% of Scrub Daddy’s current TikTok audience is male, and his male Instagram followers have grown from 6% to 8% in the past few months.

“Social media is social. It creates a community, and you can see that online, people being part of a community around our brand,” Longo said. “You might not necessarily see a huge spike right after a post. Sometimes we do, which is really great. But when you look at year-over-year or quarterly numbers, it’s all positive.

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