Seth Rogen wonders if the general public cares about the Oscars

Does anyone outside of Hollywood care about the Oscars?

I love awards season. There’s a fun part of Hollywood where you can watch your favorite movies get rewarded, feel righteous indignation for the snubs, and bet on the outcome. But one thing I’ve noticed is that lately nobody else cares. I used to see my family crowding around the TV to watch, but for the past decade they haven’t seen any movies and won’t even tune in.

In fact, only about 10 million people watched the Oscars live last year. 50% less than the previous year!

Sculminating at Insider, actor/director/screenwriter Seth Rogen mentioned that the company might have left the Oscars.

He said, “I don’t understand why movie people care so much about other people if other people care about the rewards we give ourselves. To me, maybe people don’t care. I don’t care who wins the car awards. No other industry expects everyone to care about the rewards they give themselves. Maybe people don’t care. Maybe they did it for a while and stopped caring. And why should they?

He has a point. As aspiring film and TV creators, we care a lot about who gets nominated and why. But if you had no interest in the industry, it seems most people walked away from the Oscars.

There are many reasons for this. Movies have generally been eclipsed by television lately, and the Academy doesn’t usually name movies that many people have seen. But should we care? The answer is no.

The broadcast of the Oscars on TV was done purely for ratings. If ABC wanted to drop them, someone else or a streamer would pick up the show. I will watch them no matter what. And I think publicists and agents will always use nominations as a way to get higher quotes and publicize movies.

But when it comes to the general public, I think we should stop trying to flatter them with popular movie awards or add categories that don’t matter to appease them. A “stunts” category should be added, but that’s another article. The awards are for people in our industry, and maybe that’s all that matters.

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