Swim coach Matthew Papachronis charged with harassing Wisconsin woman

An Indiana high school swim coach is facing harassment allegations after police say he traveled to Wisconsin to deliver a note and photograph an OnlyFans content creator.

An unidentified woman says she realized she was being harassed after receiving a handwritten note and $200 at her boyfriend’s baseball game in Plover, Wisconsin, according to court filings in circuit court of Portage County. A man allegedly paid an 8-year-old boy $5 to deliver the note to the woman in the park on May 15.

Police said the man’s note thanked the woman for her time and said he hoped “her investment” would give her the life she deserves.

“PS, I will no longer be suing you here in person,” the note read, according to court records. “You are safe and always have been. I just had to see for myself.”

The note was signed “love and respect MJP aka JP”, according to the records.

In her OnlyFans posts, the woman found photos of herself, her apartment and her boyfriend in the village of Plover from an OnlyFans subscriber under the username “ChiGuy34”.

“I was 10 feet from you,” ChiGuy34 wrote in reference to a photo of her at the baseball game, according to court records. In posts accusing the woman of cheating on him, ChiGuy34 identifies her boyfriend by name. Despite the lack of response, the messages continued from June 14, according to police.

The harassment allegations triggered an out-of-state warrant, leading to the arrest of Matthew Papachronis, 45, on a stalking charge at his Hamilton County home.

Police say surveillance footage shows a new model white Toyota Camry following the couple on May 15. A vehicle of the same make and model was leased to Enterprise in the name of Papachronis’ wife for the term May 8-26, according to court documents.

Police say they have evidence that Papachronis created the ChiGuy34 account, including submitted photos of his face and driver’s license. The messages include photos of her face and full body, according to court records. Cell tower data shows Papachronis in Wisconsin on May 14 and 15, and financial transactions in his account match the woman’s OnlyFans transaction credits, police say.

If convicted, Papachronis could face a maximum fine of $10,000 or a maximum jail term of three years and six months, or both, according to court records.

Coach no longer works for Hamilton Southeastern High School

Papachronis has had two coaching stints in the Hamilton South East School District, according to Emily Pace Abbotts, director of school and community relations. He returned in 2018 as an assistant swim coach for Hamilton Southeastern High School, but “his employment has since been terminated,” Abbotts wrote in an emailed statement.

Abbotts said the district was aware of Papachronis’ arrest, but did not say when his employment was terminated. His name was last on an HSE list last season, which ended in February.

Working with the Indy Infant Swimming Resource, Papachronis has also taught water survival skills to infants at his private pool for the “last few years,” according to to a June article on CBS8. The Indy Infant Swimming Resource did not respond to comment as of 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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