Taking over the world of YouTube with its unique content is a young talent, Rachit Rojha. – UBJ



Getting into any industry or field is not as easy as people are talking about. Of course, many areas have welcomed great talent, in particular the young brigade; However, the journeys are quite difficult, but the ones who go on anyway and just keep going up and down, learning from their mistakes and working more around their innate skills and talents are the ones who end up reaching their definition of success, even in a short period of time. Rachit Rojha is all about it and more. He is an Indian talent who saw in him a creative soul and observed how people thrive in the vast digital space. It completely changed his life and here he is today one of the top content creators and YouTubers in India.

For this young boy from modest family backgrounds, earning a living meant settling in a traditional work environment, for which Rachit Rojha was prepared, as he did very well in his academics. To prepare for IIT, he took a year-long hiatus and during that time he realized he needed to do something different and productive. First he thought about doing something in music and then in cricket, for his love for both. However, things couldn’t go as planned by him. Rachit Rojha did not know that life had much bigger plans for him.

After getting to know YouTube, the youngster thought it would be a unique opportunity for him to prove his creative side as well. It motivated him to make videos, but a few challenges in his path held him back. The B-TECH student from UIP University was then guided by Aashish Bhardwaj, CEO of Sociopool India, a digital marketing and influencer company. Since then, Rachit Rojha has embarked on an upward journey in his life as a content creator, growing from 300 subscribers to one million in one year.

Today, he has chosen a life of a content creator and has proven his mettle, leading YouTube’s trending list by entering each video in the trending section with three videos at the top. This is a feat that no other content creator has been able to achieve so far individually. His videos focus on social causes that require our attention and have a great message behind them. There is absolutely no stopping for this young Indian talent, who has carved out a unique niche for himself as a YouTuber.


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