Thai woman’s OnlyFans content stolen, officers say she could face pornography charges

A Thai woman who posts sexually explicit photos and videos to her OnlyFans account claims that her content, which was only intended for those who pay a subscription to her page, was taken without permission and released for free on a gaming site She reported the incident to Thai police, but officers have now put the 25-year-old under investigation for sharing pornographic content, which is still illegal in Thailand.

OnlyFans allows content creators to use an official watermark as copyright protection. If the content is stolen, the site says a team appointed by OnlyFans can help fix the problem for free, but it’s unclear what that means for those in Thailand who may face criminal charges for selling content. online pornography.

A suspect who runs a game page where the stolen content was posted has been arrested by Rayong provincial police, according to Thai media. The 30-year-old faces charges of advertising and inviting others to join the game both directly and indirectly and of disseminating sexual content to the public. The man allegedly stole media from other women. Reports say the suspect admitted to stealing the content and operating a gambling site, earning him more than 50,000 baht per month.

With her report to the police backfiring and officers saying she could be charged, 25-year-old Arisa “Kwang” Siangluecha now says she plans to move to the Netherlands with her boyfriend. Kwang is a content creator and YouTuber under the name Deerlong (เดียร์ลอง). She is famous for her streaming game, ASMR videos and the Disney song she sang in Thailand’s Got Talent contest. She opened an OnlyFans account, posting sexually explicit photos and videos created with her boyfriend.

THE SOURCE: Sanook | Thairath | Daily News

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