The Detroit Tigers are launching a new YouTube series

Over the past few seasons, one of the most fun and positive parts of being a Detroit Tigers fan has been watching their team perform on social media. Even for years with historically bad winning percentages, the folks running Tigers social media have managed to be funny, interactive and always make the best of a bad situation.

Now that the Tigers are trending up and looking to have a real shot at a great year, the social media team is still doing a lot of work in terms of post-lockdown fan engagement, and one of The Best and Most Unique Things They’ve Done has created a new web series for their YouTube channel called “The Offseason”.

The series focuses on Tigers players during the offseason, and the first episode features none other than hot prospect Spencer Torkelson, showing off his digs in Arizona and giving away some daily vlog-style content.

You can watch the first episode below, with more to come, according to the Tigers Twitter feed.

What sets the video apart is how it lets Torkelson take center stage. As he shows the crew his “man cave”, he excitedly shares the bullets he has had “friends” sign for his collection. These “friends” are none other than the sensations of 2021 rookies Akil Baddoo and Eric Haase, who signed for Tork during stints in rehab.

He manages to come across as incredibly friendly and serious, whether he’s standing in his nearly empty pantry while showing off the snacks he loves or shyly pointing to all the Red Bulls in his fridge. He’s a young man in his first home, on the cusp of an exciting career, and the whole video manages to humanize him.

In an industry where we see these young men commoditized and turned into transactional fodder, it’s a rare treat to see them brought to light in such a personal way. Other major sports have often far surpassed Major League Baseball in this regard. This series is a real treat, and we can’t wait to see which players they’ll feature in future episodes.

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